AXE Tag teams with Netflix’s Sex Education to boost Gen Z’s dating Confidence!

By Nsi Amah

Being a teenager today is one of the hardest things you can do; when you are adjusting to life, trying to fit into school and learning about yourself daily. Teenagers especially have a hard time dating now because it’s the ball game that changed so drastically since the smartphone has evolved to be much smarter. Now, online dating has become the norm and this generation of teenagers are super intimidated by it. AXE has partnered up with Netflix’s new series Sex Education, to help build teenagers’ confidence about sex and dating.

Sex Education is centered around Otis Milburn, a teenager, who lives with his sex therapist mother Jean. Otis and his friend Maeve Willie educates the other students about sex and how to go about it, which becomes Otis’ talent in Season 1. In the midst of this, Otis deals with his own sexual journey in high school when he’s dating Ola in season 2. This show presents the awkward sexual life of teenagers perfectly. The internet itself creates way too much pressure to ‘perform’ when it comes to sex and dating; 45% of U.S and 50% of U.K. teenagers can agree to that. Dating doesn’t have to be stressful, however; it is all about trial and error to see what you like.

AXE is the No.1 fragrance company that encourages young men to embrace themselves and their sense of style. This company also encourages young men to be confident in who they are, especially awkward teenage boys. The dating game is so intimidating as a teenager and it is stressful, this is why AXE has partnered with Sex Education. Did you know that 47 % of U.S teens and 49% of U.K. teens have sometimes held back on asking someone on a date because they don’t feel confident enough to do so? How heartbreaking is that? 42 % of U.S. and 44% of U.k guys agree that they feel more comfortable speaking to someone on social media rather than causally dating in person. In AXE’s research study on Gen Z’s teenagers, they realized that their confidence level is low.

To inspire open conversation about dating and sex, AXE aims to un-awakward the awkward on this and to add some humor with Sex Education. Due to the lack of resources, Sex Education provides teens with the materials needed and humor because, let’s be real, dating can be super awkward. It’s okay to make mistakes or sneeze in your boyfriend’s mouth before you kiss them. Your body is weird and things happen, right? The show reveals teens’ everyday life about dating, their first sexual encounter and just living normal daily high school life. It shows the every day social battles that teens have to face and this will give Gen Z something to relate to as well.

Technology does change the dating game, however, they can use social media to their advantage to date. AXE launched new collections for 2020 to make young teenagers feel super confident about dating and feel like Superman before their date. They launched two deodorant lines; Light Scents and Axe Dry collections. The Light scents collections come in two scents, Cool Ocean and Wild Bamboo; both very light scents and not harsh to the nose.

The Light Scents collections are AXE’s first dermatologist tested products and now their formula has changed. This collection is now formulated without any additives (parabens, dyes or aluminum) to make the deodorant much milder on the skin. AXE is here to back up teenagers today because dating isn’t easy, but at least they have Sex Education as a resource to go by. They will need all the confidence boost they can get with the resources that they have and what AXE products can do to keep to keep them fresh and ready for their date. Gen Z has nothing to fear because AXE is here to help. Sex and dating should not be scary, it should be exciting and fun!

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