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“This is clearly not your mamma’s mid-life experience”( S.J.Wright). As part of the last of the baby boomer era, author Sondra Wright has come into her own.  Sondra’s book titled 40+ and Fabulous has sparked an inspirational movement that many women including myself find to be a profound right of passage that can only be understood through experience.  Bronze Magazine caught up with Sondra to discuss her proud journey of how her tender, witty, and down-to-earth collection of stories from women will warm your hearts, tickle your funny bones and completely reshape your perspective on aging.        
BM:  Hello Sondra, we are so happy that you took the time to chat with us today.  You are the last of the baby boomers and the leader of the 40+ and Fabulous movement.  Tell us a little about you became the catalyst for such a movement.
SW: Quite honestly, the whole notion of growing “old” just wasn’t working for me.  Our society is operating under some old, outdated, antiquated beliefs about aging and especially about women and aging.  We tend to be a bit more kind towards the men.  But history shows us one of the best ways to impact social change is through a movement; the labor movement, civil rights movement, gay rights movement, environmental movement.  So 40+ and Fabulous will become one of those movements that will leave a permanent stamp on our culture and forever impact the way we view aging.
BM: How did you embark upon writing the book 40+ and Fabulous?
SW: The original intent was that 40+ Fabulous would be a very small, 20 page, 5 interview e-book.  However, the response I received within just the first two days really made me aware of the need for resources for women in this demographic.  Whether women feel good about aging or are experiencing a bit of anxiety about the process they long to hear and draw strength and support from women like themselves.  It can be difficult for mature women to find role models in a youth-oriented society.  And so, feeling the need, the e-book idea was scrapped and I began to work on publishing my first non-fiction book.
BM: I for one am glad that you decided to share such a “right of passage”, so to speak.  What types of feedback are you getting on your book?
SW: It is a tremendous blessing when someone emails, writes, tweets, or Facebook’s you and tell you how your work has impacted their life in such a profound way. I’m hearing from women who were on the fence about pursuing an entrepreneurial endeavor or going back to school who say 40+ and Fabulous sort of breathed new life into them and they’re ready to enjoy this new stage of their journey. One of the things I love most is getting feedback from twenty and thirty something’s who are reading 40+ and Fabulous and begin to look at their relationships differently and found the strength to end some toxic relationships they were in. That’s powerful, when you can impact young women in such a way.
BM: How did you get to interview such incredible women for your book?
SW: Social Media is KING! I held sort of an “internet casting call” so to speak. I hit Twitter, FB, ning sites, etc., and just begin to ask women about these stages of their life and I was completely blown away at the responses that came pouring in. Social media really allowed me to put together a work that was representative of women from all backgrounds, all walks of life, a wide range of ages, with similar and differing beliefs.
BM: What is one of the main lessons you would like women to take away from being 40+ Fabulous? Why?
SW: One thing that’s very important to me is women understand the definition of being 40+ and Fabulous because for me, it has no superficial significance. 40+ and Fabulous has nothing to do with designer shoes and handbags, the car you drive, the zip code you live in or the size of your checking account. The 40+ and Fabulous woman is magnificent in the way she moves throughout the world confident and strong; honoring the woman she was, the woman she has become and the woman she is still yet to be.
BM: Sondra please tell us how we can order your book and get in contact with you.
SW: 40+ and Fabulous is available at all online book retailers including Amazon and
 BM: Great! Sondra thanks so much for such an inspiring and insightful chat.  We wish you well!

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