Author and Poet Tauheedah Michelle Talks on Books and New Projects During National Poetry Month in April”

By Patrice Rivers

Tauheedah Michelle is also known as The Purple Poet. The name “Tauheedah” means: you like to control everyone within your influence; you develop high spirituality. You are spiritually aware and prone to self sacrifice. You are bold, independent, inquisitive, and interested in research.

Tauheedah Michelle has self -published four books, the first being a collection of poems about her life, and the second is an informational relationship book. She recently published a third book entitled, “Poetry For Yo Soul” and co-authored an anthology about divorce. She resides in a suburb of Atlanta, GA.

PATRICE RIVERS: How long have you been writing poetry?

TAUHEEDAH: I have been writing poetry since I was an adolescent in elementary school.

PR: Was it always a passion?

TAUHEEDAH: Poetry has always been a passion of mine.

PR: With all the poetry books you have penned, were any of them about situations you have been through?

TAUHEEDAH: Yes, all of my poetry/books are written on my personal experiences.

PR: What do you feel that is your purpose when writing?

TAUHEEDAH: My purpose for writing is to share my story in hopes that it encourages and helps someone else.

PR: April is National Poetry month.  Do you normally recite some of your work at events or readings?

TAUHEEDAH:  Sometimes I recite my poetry at different events for National Poetry Month.

PR: What does being a poet mean to you?

TAUHEEDAH: A poet is a person who writes soulful lyrics about love, life, and anything they’re passionate about.

PR: How are you using your poetry to encourage and motivate others?

TAUHEEDAH:  All of my poetry is about my life experiences. I use my experiences to encourage and motivate others.

PR: Is poetry a therapeutic method when you are going through something?

TAUHEEDAH:  As a child, I wrote poetry because I loved writing and I liked the way the words flowed. As an adult I have used poetry as a means of therapy for things I was going through in my life.

PR: As readers continue to buy your books and support you, what do you want them to take away while reading?

TAUHEEDAH:  I want my readers to feel every emotion that goes into my poetry. I want them to feel empowered and encouraged to go out and take their lives back. My life’s motto is: know thyself, love thyself, heal thyself, and in that order.

PR: Authors are sometimes overlooked in the literary community.  What do you do to stand out as an author, a poet?

TAUHEEDAH:  I stand out by my name, The Purple Poet and by just being real. I live my truth. I don’t sugar-coat or hide anything. I’m a conscious black woman who wants to teach her people to think and feel for themselves.

PR: How do you market yourself and your work?

TAUHEEDAH: I market my brand and books on social media (FB, IG, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc), and I attend different literary events or any event where I can be a vendor.

PR: Are you planning on writing more books in the near future?

TAUHEEDAH: Yes, I am finally writing a children’s book and a self help book due this summer.

PR: Tell us more about the anthology you were a part of with other women called, “How Divorce Became my Deliverance.”

TAUHEEDAH: How Divorce Became My Deliverance is the baby of Elona Washington. She came up with the concept and presented it on Instagram and Facebook. I answered the call along with seven other women. We each told our stories of how divorce ultimately became our deliverance.

PR: What message are you trying to tell readers in the book “For the Single, Married and Seeking?”

TAUHEEDAH:  The Un-Relationship Book is a self help book for anyone who’s married, divorced, single, or seeking a relationship. I speak very candidly about my marriages and the warning signs I ignored before marriage. I want to help others to not make the same mistakes I made in hopes of saving them some pain.

PR: Are you working on any major projects for 2019? If so, what are they?

TAUHEEDAH:  Yes, I am planning an All Atlanta Bookstore Tour for the summer. I will have book signings at major Atlanta bookstores. I’m also planning a big book reveal for two new books during my 50th birthday celebration.

PR: How can readers connect with you?

TAUHEEDAH: My website is

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