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Artist Review: Alaina Castillo

By Meagan Bess

Though several covers and original music encompass Alaina Castillo’s YouTube page, the artist has since deleted a vast number of remixes from multiple genres. Covers that remain on her page contain 600,000 + views including “Hey There Delilah” by the Plain White T’s as well as “Earned It” by The Weeknd.

The young lady of color is slowly rising to fame from her mind-blowing renditions of artists’ songs. And in early November, Castillo released her first EP to the public titled “Antisocial Butterfly.” This album delves between the musician’s Hispanic culture and American heritage by switching between both the English and Spanish languages.

For music lovers who are open to any genre of music that has a good sound, then this is the next album for you.

Here are several perspectives in relation to the six song EP:

back to you

Following the songs listed on iTunes, back to you is an introduction into the world of Castillo. This one minute and twenty-eight second song only gives a glimpse into the direction of the whole album. The aesthetic of water pushing them away from each other does not leave any doubt in the mind of Castillo, she knows that for her, “Even if we’re pulled apart, I’ll always come back to you.” This gives listeners a sense of relief from the abruptness where “two oceans collide.” What’s left on the album is to see if there will be up’s and down’s to this love story.

no importa

This second installment to the album has a music video to accompany the lyrics sung by Castillo. The song contains only Spanish lyrics adding to the popular trend in music for listeners in America who enjoy Latin pop records alongside other genres. This is a different spin on love. Here Castillo sings about the love with her partner that looks different to the world stating, “Yo sé lo que piensa to’ el mundo.” Many can relate to this line as what people around you might say about a relationship they’re not in could be to support a person or tear one down. Either way, the feelings the people have that are in the relationship aren’t going to end because of the chatter. The chorus confirms this truth, “No importa lo que digan. Si tú me quieres y yo te quiero.” The lyrics give off a carefree vibe, not letting the world dictate love and that’s how it should be in reality for many.

i don’t think i love you anymore

We not only get to listen to it, but sit back and ponder on the lines through the lense of a music video. The singer is seen laying on what is most likely a bed, singing as if the situation is subtle and her heart isn’t heavy yet her words say otherwise as she states, “I don’t really trust myself with you” leading us to feel as if she is holding back and not showing us the confusion or sadness that this statement holds.

As Castillo is later seen sitting on the bed surrounded by candles. One would think the candles would bring about a meditating vibe, yet it’s the opposite. She sings, “I don’t think I love you anymore” which brings out the sadness in her eyes. Her head even turns away and back before announcing, “But this feeling just became a thought” making the gesture go along well with the lyric.

The color scheme in the music video brings about several attributes. The white could symbolize the pureness of telling the truth instead of having to lie and pretend Castillo’s character is still in love with her partner. The white she wears can symbolize the same feelings while the red background is the passion and desire that is outweighing the lost love. The purple is the power to admit the rockiness in the relationship and the uncertainty of wanting to continue down that road. Finally, the blue symbolizes the confidence to speak up. Wanting to leave on one’s own terms when the love is gone has to be hard, but the declaration through this song is powerful.


This song is the perfect blend between two popular languages. Though the music is upbeat, the words leave listeners mouths ajar. The lover being talked about shares conflicting feelings about the role they play in Castillo’s life. She sings, “Put me in bad situations” when the opposite would be thought to happen, as Castillo fans would assume good things about the relationship that she wants the world to keep out of. The biggest part of the song is at the end of the chorus stating, “El silencio me duele más que la verdad. Mentiras, no me dirás más.” Not being told anything hurts worst to Castillo than the lies. It seems to break up the love that is in existence and put it on a halt. Finally, the lyric, “Nuestro amor era condenado” changes the whole mood. Feelings that the love is doomed is far from what was expected, but maybe there is hope with the remaining songs.


Here listeners can wonder if the same person has been sung about in these songs or if these are different guys and instances. Another alternative is that there are stages to the love being talked about and this is the good side of Castillo’s man. Though at the same time it seems to be someone else in the picture as she sings, “Deep down I really want you like that, but can’t misbehave.” She is already in a relationship but can’t seem to get rid of feelings for another man. She wants to walk away but at the same time doesn’t know how to because the attraction is pulling her towards the other person.

no importa alt version

The final song is a remix of the original that is heard earlier. This alternative version includes English in the pre-chorus, verses and chorus helping English speakers get more context to follow along to. Here we’re given more specifics to what the world or those who on-look the relationship are displeased with. It even hurts listeners’ hearing, “And they don’t think, they don’t think I’m good for ya,” like something is missing or wrong about the relationship. The world needs more love to uplift it, and having people in the world who want to split that up hurts more than just those who are experiencing the love personally.

Overall, the album sends music lovers into a whirlwind of emotions. Castillo does a great job singing out her thoughts and feelings for the world to hear. This rising artist is only getting started and recently went on tour during the first week of December having sold out of tickets in Los Angeles.

Be on the lookout for Castillo in the future and follow her on social media for updates on her music.

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