Are You in Love or Simply Having an Affair?

When you’re in love with someone you’re in it for the long haul, at least that’s the case if it’s true love.  If you’re in love with someone you tend to function in a selfless mode. You are concerned about their well-being; you’re concerned about their happiness;  you spend a great deal of time getting to know their likes and their dislikes. You want to know what makes them laugh and what makes them sad. You get so close to that person you know what they’re getting ready to say before he or she says it. When he or she walks into the room your whole world lights up. When you are having an affair with someone you are in and out, you’re hitting it and quitting it, you’re in a selfish mode of thinking and acting about oneself. It’s really simply about what you can get out of it, and if someone gets hurt in the process then, oh well, that’s the chance everyone took. An affair by the nature of the word is temporal, not meant to last. While being in love generally means lasting, an expectation of growing old together. When in love you both are committed to each other. When having an affair there is no certainty that the person you’re having an affair with is exclusively yours, quite frankly when having an affair you pretty well know the other is in another relationship or even worse they’re married. When having an affair there isn’t much, if any, talk of a future; you’re simply taking it day by day.

So the question begs are you having an affair or are you in love? This application is universal. You can use these sentiments and definitions to really look into your life and assess what type of path you’re going down.

For instance do you:

Love money with a healthy respect for it? Do you respect what it can do and what it can’t? Have you learned the good, the bad and the ugly of it? Are you mindful of its role in your life? Or do you simply take it for granted and do with it what you will, only to find yourself coming up on the short end of the stick? If you say yes in the beginning you have a healthy appropriate relationship with money. If you say yes to the latter then you are having an affair with money that will only lead to disaster, financial ruin, and you will always find yourself in a state of lack instead of a state abundance.

Do you love your children or are you simply having an ineffective relationship with them? You love them if you’re ensuring that their basic needs are met, and you tell them and show them your love by disciplining bad behavior and applauding good behavior. You love them if you’re training them up to be respectable young adults who respect their elders, authority, rules, and the lives of others. You love your children if you’re giving them JESUS not in word but in action – by the example of a godly life you’re leading. You love them if you’re willing to accept their anger by doing what’s right for them and not yielding to what you know isn’t good for them. You love them if you’re teaching them healthy financial principles. You love them if you’re living your life before them in a manner that they can and will desire to emulate, of course maybe not now but when they get older. You don’t love them, in the true sense of the word if you’re doing exactly the opposite of love.

Do you love your spouse or your significant other? (Read the beginning of the article to see if you’re in love or simply having an affair.)

Do you love the Lord or are you having an affair with Him? Let me be very clear on this – if you have no desire to spend time in prayer with him – you should check your relationship status. If you don’t spend time in your bible getting to really understand who it is that you’re in love with – then you should check your relationship status. If you don’t apply the teaching of the scriptures to your life – then you should check your relationship status. If you do not have a desire to appear to the world as a reflection of Him – then you should check your relationship status. If nobody knows you’re a disciple of His by your life and not simply by your words – then you should check your relationship.

So as we began I ask you in closing are you in love or simply having an affair?

By Angela Harris

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