An Interview with Mikkie Tiquir’a of Dreambody Studio

By Dr. Shanessa Fenner

Photography: Nathan Pearcy

Mikkie Tiquir’a is in a league of her own. The self-made star CEO of Dreambody Studio recently caught up with Bronze Magazine to discuss her beauty empire, non-surgical body treatments, and franchising her business.

Tell us about the building of your empire, Dreambody Studio.

In 2015, I was living in Miami and in school studying to become an aesthetician. I worked as a waitress to pay for school and get on my feet. I ended up opening a small business in Miami and was doing facials on the side trying to build my clientele. I was not making a lot of money in Miami because I did not know how to market there since I am originally from Georgia. So, I graduated from aesthetician school at 23 years old and from there I made the decision to return to Atlanta because I knew I could do a better job of marketing there with the help of family and friends. Once I got back to Atlanta, I started promoting my non-surgical body sculpting services on Instagram. I bought a two-room suite, and it was one of the biggest things to hit Atlanta. Everyone started going non-surgical instead of going under the knife. As a result, we went from two rooms to seven rooms.

What is a non-surgical body treatment? Share some examples.

A lot of people are looking for that Coke bottle shape, so we have multiple services. I have a cellulite treatment that will help shape you with wood sculpting, vacuum therapy, and other tools. We have the non-invasive butt lift procedure that will pump your booty and it is equivalent to doing about 1,800 squats. Then we have the non-surgical liposuction, a laser lipo, and we also have a radio frequency and ultrasound probe. All these procedures work together to help you get your dream body or get rid of that annoying cellulite. Most clients want to sculpt their stomach or get a butt lift.

I understand your Dreambody Studio fat burning pills are highly sought after. How effective are they?   

My influencer friends and I were taking pills to lose weight, but the pills can cause jitters, speed up your heart rate, and has lots of side effects. So for two years I researched to find something natural that all of us could take. I wanted something to help with weight loss and curbing your appetite without any side effects. I discovered this natural place that makes the pills and I sell them to clients and celebrities. It is a very sought after pill. You can take these pills if you have diabetes, high blood pressure, and other medical issues. It is pretty much safe for everyone because they are made from different herbs and powders. It curbs your appetite. Once you take two in the morning you will need to drink a lot of water because it will make your mouth dry. It also gives you so much energy so it can replace your cup of coffee in the morning.

Tell us about the Vagina Steam treatment.

It is an old Chinese technique in which Chinese herbs and water are used while sitting on a pot. The steam cleans you out completely, gets rid of toxins, and moisturizes and tightens up the vagina. A lot of people were not aware of this treatment. I was going to a spa here in Atlanta to receive this treatment and it helped me so much that I decided to offer it at my business.

How has COVID-19 affected your business?

It turned out for the better. We have a product called the Mini Fat Burner that I was promoting around December 2019. It did pretty well and when COVID-19 hit and people realized they were going to be at home, it sold out in about 2 days.

Who are some of your celebrity clients?

Some of my celebrity clients are Marlo Hampton, Ming Lee, Karen Civil, Tammy Rivera, and Shekinah Jo. I have also had some of the ladies of Love & Hip Hop: New York as clients.

What is your ultimate goal for your empire?

My goal right now is franchising. I think we are pretty ready to get multiple locations so we are starting with Houston. We want to continue to spread the business throughout the United States. At the moment we are trying to get a Dreambody Studio in every state.       

For more information about Dreambody Studio visit:

website: and Instagram: @dreambodystudio


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