An Interview with GG Townson

GG Townson is ecstatic about her role as “Salt” of the legendary duo Salt-N-Pepa. The long-awaited biopic will premiere on Lifetime on January 23. The talented actress recently caught up with Bronze Magazine to discuss how she did her research for the role, challenging scenes, and upcoming project.      

How did you land the role of “Salt?”

This role took about a month to book. It consisted of a lot of auditions, callbacks, and producer/director sessions. At the end of it all, Cheryl had the final say.

What kinds of research and preparation did you do to learn about the life of “Salt?”

My preparation for the role was watching old interviews, music videos, and any content I could get my hands on. Beyond my research, another method of prep was getting to know Cheryl. I learned about her life and the things she went through as an artist, a mom, and a woman of faith.

What was it like getting to know “Salt?”

It was great getting to know her. She’s so loving and welcomed me with open arms!

Tell us about some of the challenging scenes in the movie that you had to do? Why were they challenging?

There are a few emotional scenes in the movie that were challenging. In one scene, you are crying your eyes out and the next scene you are happy, but your body doesn’t know you’re acting. It takes so much effort to turn the emotion off at times.

What was the one thing that you learned about “Salt” that surprised you?

If I let you know then I would be spoiling the movie, so I’ll save that. The world will be learning something surprising about Salt on January 23rd.

Everything that we do in life we gain experience and wisdom. What did you gain/learn from this experience?

Every acting job is different and will require different things out of you. Mentally preparing for a role is one thing, but as for the physical demand from this experience, I could not have prepared myself for it. I had to learn and adjust on the fly.

What has life been like for you during COVID-19?

Life during Covid-19 has been more relaxed, so to speak, but it’s been a great time for reflection and self-awareness.

What would be your ultimate dream role?

My ultimate dream role would be to play Cleopatra. 

What are your upcoming projects?

Stay tuned as a special announcement will be made soon. I’m working on a television series as a new character.

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