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Amber Rose – Pregnancy Plan

Motherhood is a beautiful thing. And when women find out they are pregnant they set out for a “pregnancy plan.” Whose going to be in the room when I give birth? Will I have a natural birth? I want the father to cut the umbilical cord. This decisions can be very exciting  But pregnancy plans do not always go as planned.

A month after delivering her son Sebastian, Amber  Rose, a fashion model visited The Ricki Lake Show to discuss how her plans for a natural birth did not go as planned. After seeing Ricki Lake’s documentary, The Business of Being Born, Amber Rose knew she wanted to have a natural birth. After finding out her baby at 38 weeks had breached, Amber’s plans  for at at home water birth with a midwife went downhill. Breaching occurs when the baby’s feet are positioned to be delivered first and a C-section is normally recommended or required.

Amber Rose disclosed on Ricki Lake that she did everything that could be possible be done to try to turn the baby around. She tried mugwort, acupuncture, and inversion, which is when you go to the hospital and they manually try to turn your baby. But it came down to C-section being the only answer to this problem. Amber said “I just wanted my baby at this point.”

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Below is a short clip of the interview Ricki lake had with Amber Rose.

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