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She’s the fashion envy of every connoisseur of all things sunglasses; who embraces, and will answer to a bevy of names such as MUVA, BALD HEAD SCALLYWAG, MILF, SWEETHEART, BADASS, FEMINIST and advocate for women’s empowerment; you can pick any one as posted on her Facebook page. Nevertheless, excluding her most endearing qualities, such as loving mother to her son Sebastian; and let’s not forget daughter to a loving mother from Philly, who appears on stage (with tissue in hand) to wipe her daughter’s tears away! In my opinion, that breathtaking “Mommy/Daughter” moment of MUVA’s ever so infamous SLUT WALK was all that. I had the opportunity over the weekend to view a short video, where apparently at the very end of a highly criticized, yet well publicized event, she gives a very heartfelt speech thanking the audience for attending and supporting her SLUT SHAMING EVENT. Amidst all the awe’s from the audience, she continued to give a chronological series of shaming events that occurred in her life from the early age of fourteen; but the minute she mentioned her estranged husband the tears turned into weeping…and I turned into mush, screaming, “Awe she loves him!”
Slut Walk: An event supported by many who believe being a victim of shamming is wrong.
Well, you must have figured out by now that I dig the bald head scallywag, yes indeed. If you really listen to what she talks about during her interview it centers on LOVE, ACCEPTANCE OF THOSE WHO ARE DIFFFERENT, EMBRACING YOUR INDIVIDUALTIY, and not being slut shamed because of your past. Many people have unfavorable opinions of “Amber Rose” and all that she represents; Personally, I am impressed that a white girl from Philly (my home town) actually made a fortune capitalizing on her past and probably current sexual indiscretions!
Of course we all know a lot of, or maybe all of her shenanigans are specifically geared towards entertainment for the sole purpose of counting up some commas (getting paid). However, who are we to judge her behavior and how she chooses to earn her money? At the end of the day, MUVA Dear, live your best life unapologetically. ~ Dakota

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by Dakota Somerville

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  • Nikki
    October 9, 2015 at 1:47 pm

    Way to go!! Great article.


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