All I do is WIN!!!

By Renata Rafiel

“Okay sis, I see you.”  Keep winning! These are the words I spoke to my bestie as she shared with me her recent accomplishments.  She’s a single mom, close to completing her degree program, and she just launched the grand opening of her clothing boutique. Of course, I was genuinely happy for her, but deep down inside all I could think about was when will my turn come? I didn’t want to seem jealous or envious, so I just kept a smile on my face.

It seemed like everyone has made major moves except for me. What was I doing wrong? I created my vision board, goal mapped, and took the necessary steps needed to crush my goals; still I was at a standstill. I was determined to change this. But How? I’m totally aware that moves aren’t made overnight, and we know that “Rome wasn’t built in one day.” It takes time and patience, but my patience is beginning to run out. So, I made the decision to reprogram my thinking. First, I needed to identify what habits and beliefs were holding me back.

If I wanted to see winning results in my life, I had to shift my mindset and start believing that I was capable of winning and achieving my goals.  It was time for me to take authority over my thoughts. If I was going to be a winner; I needed to plan and prepare for the win. A winner is someone who has given his or her best effort and tried their hardest without giving up.

Every day is a new opportunity for incredible things to happen in your life, but you must have an attitude of expectancy. Expect your situations to change, expect to see results.  Expect the win.  When you put yourself in a position of expectancy your dreams and visions begin to manifest.

Photo credit: Godisable Jacob from Pexels

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