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All Hail Queen Naija & missunderstood

By Meagan Bess

After a two-year hiatus, Queen Naija released her first full album in October titled missunderstood. with 16 songs plus an intro and a skit. Since her online debut, Queen Naija has shown her authentic self through her YouTube videos on her official page as well as her family page. There is more to her than what fans see, but what can be seen is that her class and grace has arisen through her music. This is a breakdown of all that comes to life when listening to her songs.


It is important to take note of the brief intro since it plays an important role in the meaning of the title. Listeners can hear various voice clips criticizing the singer and her talent. The last voice in the intro can be heard asking, “Can she redeem herself?” As if leading listeners down a path to determining for themselves whether this album proves or disproves all the negative hype about the singer and her talents.

I’m Her featuring Kiana Ledé

From the beginning, the song is catchy and appealing, evoking a light and airy mood. Queen Naija makes it clear singing “I’m Her” multiple times, knowing this man is the one she knows who can’t resist her. The message is that Queen Naija wants her listeners to know that her worth and value needs to be recognizable to this man. She wants to give him a chance and not ignore him, showing that giving people a chance is okay. It also shows that having confidence in oneself, and knowing you are a great person with great character should be the message to take the chance and spend time with that person.

Pack Lite

This is a single that was broadcast before the album release. It has both a 1960s video and a 2020 video. The 1960s version seems to have more of an impact on her fanbase having garnered more than 19 million views on YouTube. This song immediately takes on a serious tone. The chorus is catchy, allowing listeners to hear that Queen Naija is taking a stand and making sure she is being heard by her man. The idea that she tells the man to “Pack Lite” makes it seem like he could have another chance to make it up to her. The vibes just aren’t right, and she wants him to get himself together. This can be a relatable song as men and women can go through trials and tribulations in their relationships. Through this message the song is a hit that made waiting for the album worth it.

Lie To Me featuring Lil Durk

 This song is a different take from “Pack Lite.” The message that shines through is that no apologies or broken promises will make the relationship work. This might work in the movies or on television, but in reality, it would make a relationship rocky. The idea of not wanting broken promises shows that she wants to experience a good relationship with her man. There must be a connection with men and women as they want the best from their partner. It might just be that the woman being represented in the song might not want any of the negative things that can come into a relationship.


This is a gem on the album, and although located further down the track list, its value should not be mistaken. The message that comes from this song is straightforward. People can be misleading, and the way people see you can deter them from really getting to know you better and being a true friend. The idea of people pretending to like a person but behind closed doors despising them and talking terrible about them is not uncommon. This song shows that Queen Naija wants people to see her as she is. Everyone has their flaws but what is important is how you treat each other.

Butterflies Pt. 2

This a fabulous follow up song to Butterflies on her 2018 EP. This song has a great melody. The lyrics are so pure and make fans fall in love all over again with the first part to the love story between Queen Naija and Clarence White. It is enjoyable how Queen Naija expresses that she still gets butterflies from him like it’s their first time being together. The message that shines from this song is that each time with your partner can feel like the first time. The romantic moments make up for the days when the vibes aren’t so good. Knowing love doesn’t dwindle in this moment and only flourishes can be the encouragement and reinforcement that it is worth keeping the love alive.

Compared to Queen Naija’s EP, the album obviously has a larger selection of songs. These songs are geared towards multiple moods one can have at any time of day. Having people in relationships or recently out of one could allow connections to these songs to develop. This album allows fans to see more of Queen Naija’s skills in singing and songwriting. Her ability to do the same on her EP was outstanding but knowing she has had even more time to grow and develop her writing allowed for well written lyrics and a well put together album.

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