One of my sisters shared this photo with me and it immediately spoke volumes to me. As I looked at it my creative juices started to flow. My mind started to race as the tears began to fall, because this picture reminded me so much of myself. As I stared at that rose all I could see was a little girl growing up in an environment that was not conducive for life to grow in; an environment that was not cultivated with nourishment; an environment designed to smother dreams & possibilities; an environment that so many young women grow up in and have to fight their way through.

But just like that rose we push through those hard places in life. We fight through the oppositions and we break the boundaries and we blossom against all odds; because when God has predestined you to be, to do and to go there isn’t an environment dire enough to stop the plan of God. When you are a child of destiny and purpose you flourish, you bloom, you blossom, you come forth even in hard places. So it doesn’t matter if you were planted in a healthy environment or an unhealthy environment you blossom right where you are, because as the song says “A ROSE is STILL and will ALWAYS be a ROSE.”  Even if it has to GROW against all odds. 


By: Phaedra T. Anderson

  1. tiara alexander says:

    Wow Faye this article really touched ma soul… N I am crying as I am writing this, so just know this is from the heart… This spoke to me n every way, I have been thru it all n I am still able to see the good n everything, Faye I am also that rose!!! It hurts sometimes, but this article gave me a better take at my situations n I am starting to see my purpose in this world.. Thanks for enlightening me… I love yo so much

    1. u999pa5 says:

      Hi Tiara,
      Thank you for stopping by to read BRONZE MAGAZINE & I am elated to know that my article touched your heart and that you were able to get something from it. You have me in tears over here, because I don’t take this for granted. It is always my prayer that when others read my writings that they are able to look at life with a brighter perspective. I am so happy that you are starting to find your purpose and no matter how hard things may get or be, always remember that NOTHING CAN HOLD A GOOD ROSE DOWN and I love you just as much!

  2. Danee R. says:

    Tell it! That is the beauty of ‘purpose’; it will drive you if you let it. With God as the author of the purpose you can and will surpass all limitations placed on you by circumstance and ‘haters’!

    Great analogy and awesome writing, sister Phae!

    1. Phaedra Anderson says:

      Hi Danee,
      PURPOSE! Yes, we all have a PURPOSE. God has a plan, as well as, an attained end for each of us. The more I mature the more scripture becomes real to me, because now I know what it really means when I say “What the enemy meant for evil, GOD meant it for good.” GOD does all things well. Even when we don’t understand the whys? and the whats?

      Thank you much for reading the article and for your kind words.

  3. Tawanda Brookins says:

    I really enjoyed the article,it is a breath of fresh air! I can relate to it whole-heartly because I was in a very hard place….physically,mentally and spiritually.It’s no secret,I was incarcerated and I’m not ashamed of it because if that had not happened I wouldn’t be who I am today.It was really hard for me I struggled everyday,there were situations that arised that tried to destroy me..but I kept pushing through with God’s strength and I broke through like that rose and survived.
    Remember…”God will allow a setback,which is a setup for a great comeback!”
    Love ya,Phae….keep on inspiring us! Thank you! 😉

    1. Phaedra Anderson says:

      Hi Ms. Brookins,
      It pleases me greatly to know that you enjoyed my article and we do appreciate you joining us at BRONZE. Your words were so kind and refreshing, as well. Anytime I see RESILIENCE it puts a smile on my face, because it encourages me, as well as, others. Your testimony allowed us to see that, as long as, GOD is on our side we will always be able to bounce back from any type of fall. Because God’s arm is long enough to pull us out of any situation.

      I love you my sister and thank you for your awesome testimony and continue to blossom like the beautiful rose that you are.

  4. Shnean Alls says:

    Great article Phae! If God be for us who can be against us! This is a true testament to many of our beginnings but definitely not our ends…God has the final say! It isn’t over until God says it’s over! We just have to keep pressing so we can push through in those hard places. Thank you for allowing God to use you…this was simply marvelous!

    1. u999pa5 says:

      Hi Shnean,
      We appreciate you spending time with us at BRONZE & I personally thank you soooooooo much for reading my article and for your words of encouragement, because it surely isn’t over, until HE says that it’s over. You of all people know that this rose went years without any sunshine, but when the SON is covering you, sunshine is no longer a necessity for growth and I/we thank HIM for that covering. Please keep me in prayer as I move forward in the things of God and again, I am soooooooo glad that you enjoyed the article.

  5. NAKISHA LEWIS says:




    Our lives are just how HE plans them; HE doesnt make any mistakes. That place, that undersirable place, the place that lacked nourishment…the very things you wrote about…just know GOD had you there just so you can relay HIS message today…Write Phae, write

    1. u999pa5 says:

      Hi Nakisha,
      You know after I wrote this I started to just keep it to myself, because I said that’s too much and too personal, but I submitted it to be published anyway, because I remembered the power of transparency and the deliverance that comes from our testimonies. I am grateful that GOD allowed me to deliver HIS message in the way that HE has gifted me to and I thank GOD for given HIS daughters ears to hear.

      I thank you for joining us at BRONZE and I appreciate your uplifting words more than you can imagine. Please keep me in your prayers and be blessed!

    1. u999pa5 says:

      Hello Eve,
      As always, it’s a pleasure to have you stop by and visist us at BRONZE. We greatly appreciate it and I thank you much for taken the time to ready my article and just so you know your comments and all of the comments have been an encouragement to me as well and that’s what it’s all about, one anothering, so again I thank you for encouraging me too.

      God Bless!

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