Adjusting to Your Changes in Your Hair

By: Kadisha Kentish

As women there are a number of reasons that our hair changes up on us. From hormonal changes to the products we put in it, our hair doesn’t stay exactly the same. Some of the things that work for our hair end up no longer working the way we are used to. Of course hair doesn’t change drastically, but the changes are just noticeable enough that we have to adjust how we handle it. So how are we supposed to deal?

When I say your hair changes, it doesn’t mean you wake up and don’t recognize your hair. It’s small things that only someone who constantly does your hair (i.e. you or your hair stylist) would notice. Length, hormones, stress, products, heat, and your health are all things that can alter the texture and/or color of your hair. And sometimes, these changes require you to change the way you handle or even simply style your hair.

The key to dealing with alterations to your hair is to pay careful attention to it. Your hair knows what it needs, and it’s your job to adjust your methods, or maybe even your products accordingly. Styling your hair is a constant learning process. Everyone’s hair is different, so I can’t provide you specifics on what to do, but remember, even when you think you’ve achieved expert status on your hair, it can prove you wrong. Your hair will respond for better or worse; you just have to pay attention to what it likes. But your hair won’t like one method or product forever, so you have to always be aware.

If you are noticing a change in your hair, start experimenting. The only way to know how your hair will react to something is to test it out. Trial and error is your best bet. Try a new washing regimen, switch to a different leave-in conditioner, change your primary oil, style your hair differently, or give your hair a break with a protective style. Figure out what the change in your hair is and make a change that relates to it and see how your hair responds. Find the things that let your hair be at its best.

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