Actor Ernie Hudson Talks about New Movie Doonby and so much more

Ernie’s new film Doonby

image006 (2)The conversation then went into the standard movie interview, my asking Ernie what it was like to work on the film and what did he hope people that watch the movie would get out of not only the movie but his character?

“ Doonby reminds you that you make choices that you all have to live with now and forever.  I ‘m hoping that Doonby makes people think about their choices and the consequence for their actions. It was great working on this movie.  The cast, the story, it was a wonderful experience.”

Your character Leroy seems like he was a Brother Cole.  He seemed like the person that everyone listened to and respected.  Why do you think he was accepted the way he was in that community?

“Yeah I think he was the guy that found his love and was in a good place.  He found his love of playing music and found the love of his life, which is his wife.  He made the choice to settle down, opened his club and was not mad at nobody.  He was a good spirit and was there for his community.  I think he believes in people.”

So everybody should go see the movie, Doonby because….

“Everybody should go see the movie Doonby because Ernie Hudson is in it (laughter) but also because it’s an interesting film, interesting film making and I think it’s great storytelling.  So many of the movies I go to now is all about action with not as much emphasis on story.  It’s a really good movie.”

Ernie is now on the set of a Hallmark movie named Touch.  It’s a very touching, loving story. He plays the role of a doctor.  The film itself has the feel of those 1930-40’s movies with the family doctor; the same movies in which the doctors were usually played by a white guy.  So outside of the role itself, he likes playing this type of character because it is not traditionally cast to a black actor.  Ernie is also working with George Wolf (a black director) on a film entitled You’re Not You. It should be out next year during award season and he feels it’s a wonderful story and a great movie.  He also has a Christmas movie with Tatiana Ali (Fresh Prince of Belair) entitled The Christmas Card.  If you know anything about Ernie Hudson you know that he stays busy. He concluded that at this stage of the game all he is focused on is being kind to himself so that he can be able to do all the things and opportunities he is being offered and continue to do better.

Well, like his character Leroy in Doonby who is not mad at anybody, we are certainly not mad at Ernie Hudson. Instead we are appreciative for all he has done; what he represents as a person and a father.  Yes, we are not mad at Ernie Hudson and wish him nothing but continued success.  You see, I told you after reading this article you would understand why his fans love him and why we at Bronze Magazine do too. (End)


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