Actor Ernie Hudson Talks about New Movie Doonby and so much more


Ernie with his “Doonby” co-stars John Schneider and Jenn Gotzon

Ernie with “Doonby” co-stars
John Schneider and Jenn Gotzon

In speaking about preparedness I asked Ernie if being a Marine helped groom him into the person that he has become today.  Many times in research the power of Public Relations states truths that are not so true.  Such was the case with him being a Marine. Ernie answered the question in a way that I think only he could answer.  In his answer I discovered the spiritual side of Mr. Ernie Hudson.

“Well, being in the Marines didn’t hurt, but I also don’t think that it helped. I was only a Marine for 9 weeks.  I joined the Marine core right out of High School and I have a shellfish allergy.  I get asthma and all these terrible symptoms if I eat shellfish.  So when in basic training whatever your drill instructor eats you have to eat.  One day my drill instructor ate shrimp and I told him I was allergic but he insisted I eat the shrimp.  So I ate the shrimp, got sick and as a result I was discharged. That was an experience.  Right after training I found out that the platoon went to Vietnam, so I guess it wasn’t my destiny.

My Mom died when I was three months old and I never knew my father, but my grandmother, who was deeply religious, would take me to church and when the service was over and we returned home she would break the sermon down to me in a way that I could understand.  She would simplify it for me. We would talk and I would say, ‘So when he said this or when he said that’ and she would say, ‘No, just take this part.’  One example is when Jesus walked on water and Peter wanted to join him and Peter saw the storm and sank. I asked what did that mean?  She said, ‘You have to have faith.’  So I took it as when you ask for something you have to have faith that it’s coming.  That is why you do all the preparation because you know that it’s coming.  So if you ask for things and you are just waiting for it to get there but don’t prepare, then you are going to be in trouble because even if you get what you asked for you might not be ready to receive it.  Her interpretations and teachings gave me a different perspective.” (Continued on page 4)

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