In honor of this special day of recognition and celebration of motherhood, Bronze Magazine has chosen to dedicate a special Mother’s Day tribute to our contributing writers- they are mothers, grand-mothers, grand-daughters, daughters, sisters, aunts, cousin, friend, etc. We asked each of our contributors to share their answer to one simple question, “What does Mother’s Day Mean to You” Here are their responses. Happy Mother’s Day and Enjoy!

What does Mother’s Day mean to me?

“I have very mixed feelings about Mother’s Day.  I am so blessed and so happy to be the mother to 2 beautiful children and grandmother to 2 of the most precious granddaughters in the world.  My children have taught me perserverance, tenacity, and unconditional love.  My son is my protector and my daughter is my joy.  My granddaughters, Heaven and Alana, bring me love, laughter and joy.  In their faces, I see heaven and know that all is right with the world.  Each day I spend with them, keeps me young:)

On the other side, Mother’s Day is a day of sadness for me.  I so often feel like a “Motherless Child.”  My mom, Margaret Addison, passed into glory on July 21, 1997.  I was the youngest of my mother’s children and no matter how old I was, her “baby” is how she always introduced me.  My mom was a small, quiet woman with a resolve of steel.  She taught us the meaning of faith in the darkest of days, the love of family and the strength to always “Turn to the Hills from Whence Cometh Our Help.”  I remember Sundays around the dinner table that were right out of the movie “Soul Food”, filled with good food, great laughter and most of all, the love of family and friends.  She taught me lessons that along my life’s journey reverberate within me each and every day.  I miss my mother each and every day, but I am so grateful for her life and her legacy.  She was and is the backbone of your family.”

~Della A. Beaver


Mother’s Day to me means …
“Waking up to the realization that I am truly blessed to be a mother and to have a mother too!”

Every good and perfect gift is from above … James 1:17 (NIV) – that would include my talented son (James) and my praying mother (Linda).  Thanks be to God!

~Stephanie Dawson

“Mother’s Day gives us the opportunity to celebrate and honor the mothers we know, the grandmothers we love, the aunts we hugged, the play mamas, aunties, and grandmas that taught us so much to enhance our lives, depth of being, meaning of life, and inspiration to be greater than we think we can be and not to let those shoulders go unstood upon. 

The endured so much to afford us 10 times more and while we are doing so much I often wonder if I am doing enough to live up to their sacrifices and forced silences to survive, strive, and succeed.  Would they be proud of us or would they push us harder?  Are we celebrating and honoring them in all we do keeping their journey in our minds to do more than what is expected to ensure they would beam with pride.  It is a day of reflection of all that was done for me to be.

It is the womb that carried us, the hearts softened for us, the minds that kept us from trouble discerning where danger sat silent in the midst waiting to ponce, and prayers that protected us when we were out of reach.  Grandmoms Bertha Lee and Trudy; my mom, Jeanette F. Mann; Great-Aunts Maggie and Frances Mumford; Aunts Annie Jackson, Maggie Holland, Debbie Graham; Godmother Signora Logan; and special Grandmoms Ruth Hedrick and Mrs. McKee, you have been nothing less than teachers and inspirations molding me into the woman I can be proud to be.  Thank you for all you have done and continue to do.” 

Happy Mother’s Day to you all. ~L. Denise Jackson

What does Mother’s Day mean to me?

“I will never forget the first time I ventured out with my first child to the grocery store alone.  I was still out on maternity leave and tried to time our excursion during business hours in hopes that the stores would be quiet.  On our way out, I heard another child crying.  It seemed to go on forever and I remember having to resist the feeling to run to help the baby and mommy.  It was then that I realized that being a mother meant more than nurturing my own children.  Motherhood means giving of my time, talents, and my resources to create a world that is a safer, loving place for them.  Motherhood is the gift of an amazing capacity to love.”

~Tonya Seavers Evans

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“To me, Mother’s Day is a time when we show appreciation for those that have a matriarchal influence in your life – mother, grandmother, aunt, mature women in your community and extended family; for their guidance, wisdom and support shown to those in the “family unit”.

Growing up I was fortunate to have the influence of my mother, grandmothers and great great grandmother as well as extended family. The things that were expected of me and the manner in which I was to ‘act’ was molded by these great women. I still remember my great great grandmother – a woman of substance and strength. She maintained pride and did not want her family to fuss over her. She had much wisdom that she shared with family and friends. I remember she always had her matching ‘pocketbook’ which many times was bigger than she was!

My mother was another influence on my life. She had high expectations for my brother and I and accepted nothing less than our best. The results have been success for both of us. I find myself repeating some of the same phrases to my daughter that, as a child, I promised “when I have kids, I won’t say that.” Apparently those phrases become innate when you ‘cross over’ into Mommyhood.

To join the ranks of Mommyhood is a great privilege in which all are not able to participate. For me, it has been the greatest privilege and opportunity. When my daughter arrived a little over a year ago it was such a surreal and quieting moment – I was now a Mommy! This precious, perfectly healthy little girl with 10 fingers, 10 toes and a set of lungs like NO OTHER allowed me this opportunity.

I believe that it takes a special person to be a parent. I also believe that children bring out the best in us, helping us to grow and see past ourselves. As I began and continue on my journey through Mommyhood, I am reminded:

1) Don’t sweat the small stuff; its really NOT that serious
2) BE in the moment – minus the Bberry and laptop for these very precious moments will never again be repeated at this time and place
3) Laugh. Live. Love.
4) Make memories!

It is now my time to encourage, influence and teach my daughter – proper manners, to be respectful, to display humanity. This is no easy task and yes, I have my work cut out for me but I do welcome the assignment with open arms.”

To all the Mothers I wish continued happiness and peace.

 ~Brandy Adamson

“To me, Mother’s Day is a time to give the utmost gratitude to all mothers.  Raising children is a great responsibility.  You’re mother, teacher, doctor, counselor, banker, and so much more.  You have to give respect to someone that can wear that many hats, and still do it with style and grace.  At 80, my mother still remembers all the childhood memories of my brothers and sisters.  My mother raised eight children.  Wow! I have three and it is a challenge.  So, on this Mother’s Day, I remember all the wonderful things that my mother did for me.  I just hope one day my children will be able to write the same things about me.”
Love you mom,

“Mother’s Day to me means I get to reflect on my life and the joys of how my children have truly been the joys of my life and just how grateful I am for my gifts from God.”  ~Patricia Rivera
Natalie Jennifer Bonner (mother) and Dr. Tekemia Dorsey (daughter)

What does Mother’s Day mean to me?”
Mother’s Day means to me a day to share with family being pampered and being honored. Mother’s Day means to me a time to reflect on the memories shared with your mother or the person that has “served as a mother to you” in your life. Mother’s Day means to me reflection of “humility, gratitude, and appreciation” for being chosen by GOD to be a “Mother!”
Mother’s Day means to me added memories to life; it’s a time where I can make unusual requests, get a lot of things done around the house (that are not normally done), and to just relax (as best a mom can). It means to me cherishing my little ones I am now responsible for and have the opportunity to mold and shape. Thank you God for choosing me……… be a Mom!
Mother’s Day to me use to mean hurt and lots of it because I lost my mom 10 years ago next month. Even as sharing in the gift of “motherhood” my mother’s absence in my life and on this day, dominated my feelings. This year, 2011 will be the first year since my mother’s passing where I can embrace this day for what it truly is and enjoy it with my family; my children.
I pay tribute to my mom, Natalie Jennifer Bonner and my grandmother, Sarah McCall Bonner. I know the two of you are shining your lights down on us and watching over us, daily. We miss “I miss” you both dearly. Love ya always.
I pay tribute to those who have lost their mother or a figure of a mother-type in their lives and wish them a very special day. I would like to offer the insight that, “It does get better in time!” Cherish the memories you have and create new ones for the times to come. Happy Mother’s Day!
~Dr. Tekemia Dorsey, Education Expert-Bronze Magazine

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