A Story by Contributing Writer Stephanie Dawson (Cherry)

It was the start of an ordinary January day and Annette was on her way to work when, little realizing, a decision to help someone would change the rest of her life.

She had just witnessed a car flip over on its roof traveling in the opposite direction and she made the fateful choice to turn back and help.  Single handedly Annette pulled the driver from his seat; out of the mangled car to where she believed to be a place of safety.  The next thing she remembered was dialing 911 on her cell phone before momentarily re-gaining consciousness in Tampa General Hospital, disorientated and in excruciating pain.

A passing truck had hit both Annette and the car driver along the fifty five mile-an-hour road and thrown her forty feet in the air, before landing on the hard concrete surface, causing multiple fractures and internal injuries.  Annette’s only concern was for the driver of the vehicle she had helped and her first words were “how is the other driver” before drifting back into unconsciousness.  Truly a Good Samaritan’s heart was displayed here for all to see.

Slowly but surely the task of calling family members was made to those home and abroad and a steady stream of visitors congregated in the hospital waiting rooms and at Annette’s bedside.  Her whole body was bruised and swollen and it was a stark reminder of the pain and suffering Jesus must have endured on his journey to the Cross. 

The doctor’s main concern at that time was a floating splinter that had lodged itself in her spine which required an immediate surgical procedure.  The operation lasted over seven hours and the offending article was successfully removed.  However, the overall prognosis for Annette was not as positive.  Family members were braced to expect that she would not walk again and the information being conveyed gave an extremely bleak outlook!

Thank God for doctors and their expertise but praise God for His Healing Hands and the mighty power of prayer!  Almost instantly a call for prayer was ignited across the nation and even across the globe.  Requests for God’s healing intervention were made through churches; on Facebook; in person and via every kind of internet median conceivable and/or available. Armies of prayer warriors were at work immediately and His Angels were looking down favorably on Annette daily.  Constant bedside prayers and positive affirmations were extended each day which saw a marked improvement with every word spoken.  

Within a few weeks Annette’s bones were mending and the bruises healing but the greatest progress was in her rekindled acknowledgement of God and His Holy Spirit.  Her time in the hospital had proffered her an opportunity to reflect and give thanks to God for sparing her life.  Surely it was by the grace of God she survived the horrific accident in the first place.  It was awesome to see God’s peace resting on her as she faced the fact that her life had been jarred dramatically and irreversibly in a matter of seconds. Also, that this change would have an overwhelming impact on her for the rest of her life!

As the days turned into weeks and the weeks into months Annette continued to make great progress and regained both feeling and mobility in her arms.  There has been little change in her legs, at the moment, but God is good and hears our prayers.  We firmly believe in the value of prayer and stand on His word for a complete recovery.  Each new day brings great new hope and a promise of absolute healing in the Name of Jesus our Lord and Savior…

Annette continues to improve and encourages those around with her positive, uplifting and Christ like perspective on life, reflecting God’s shining light.  That coupled with her strength and utmost determination has brought her to the place where the miracle of God’s love unfolds every day!

By Stephanie Dawson (Cherry)- (Annette’s sister)

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