A Journal a Day Keeps The Stress Away

Having a journal can be one of the simplest ways to relieve stress. With everyday seeming to be one big rush, and with completing so many tasks, we tend to lose focus on the main thing that needs to rest, and that is the human brain. Some of the most productive people keep a journal in their reach as a source for emptying their thoughts when they become overbearingly loud and chaotic. Writing can become such an easy hobby to pick up once you get into the hang of it. Having a journal as a keepsake can help tap into those creative writing skills that will soon result as poems, short stories, or a simple journal entry to cope with the noise of this crazy world. With just a few interesting, yet simple facts about the benefits of keeping a journal handy, if you thought you had it all together, these tips will surely motivate you to stay on top of your work!

New Found Knowledge

Once writing becomes a part of one’s daily life, it is known that the writer’s use of vocabulary and way of thinking increases.

Emotional Intelligence

It is normal for us to be emotionally unstable at times, but something as simple as writing what you feel can help to balance your emotions, which as a result lead to a healthier, emotional lifestyle.


Having quiet time to yourself either in the morning, during the day, or at night is another way to add in self-discipline. Just like going to the gym or eating becomes a daily habit, writing will soon become a good habit to take up.


Writing can free your mind of any tangled thoughts that you may have. This can reduce daily stress and anxiety and lead to having better sleep.

Tap into your writing skills and see what you’re capable of doing. You just might be surprised by the amazing ideas that are ready to go on paper. Writing becomes more than a hobby; it becomes a way of life that will soon be quite therapeutic.

By Keara George

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