A Guide to Nail Care

Just like with skin and hair, the health of your nails depends on the way you treat them. We don’t often pay close attention to our nails, but it is important that we do. Here are some areas of nail care that you should be aware of.


Keeping your hands clean is one step that leads to healthy nails. Dirt is not a friend to your nails. You have to pay attention to your nails when you wash your hands, removing dirt from your nails and cuticles. Scrubbing your nails and cuticles is helpful, but don’t do it too often because excessive scrubbing can cause damage. Regular clipping and filing is also important to maintaining healthy nails. Moisturizing your hands regularly is also important. If you like acrylic and gel manicures, you should try not to get them too often. Allow your nails time to recover in between trips to the nail salon.


When you paint your nails, it is important to always remember your coats. Both base coats and top coats help protect your nails. Base coats not only protect your nails from being stained by your favorite nail polishes, but also makes the colors look better. Top coats seal in your color and add a glossy finish.


Whether you have long or short nails, you want them to be strong. Achieving strong nails is done by maintaining a healthy diet, taking care of your nails, and paying attention to what nail polish and tools you use. Adding biotin, vitamin E or fish oil to your diet can increase the strength of your nails. There are nail polishes that help harden and strengthen nails, you just have to pay attention to the labels. It is even better if you get a nail strengthening base coat. Try to avoid the excess use of tools that weaken your nails.


Your cuticles are an important part of your hands because they protect you against bacteria and infection. It would be best to leave your cuticles alone. But if you must, you can push your cuticles back after washing with a wooden stick instead of cutting them.


When you give yourself a manicure and/or a pedicure, you should make sure that your tools are kept clean. Metal tools should be washed with soap and water then wiped with alcohol. Disposable tools should be replaced regularly.

Nail polish hacks

-Soak your nails in a mixture of hot water, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda for about a minute to get the stains from dark nail polishes out of your nails.

-To avoid smudges, apply multiple thin coats instead of one thick coat of nail polish.

-If you have bottles of nail polish that are thick and goopy, use nail polish thinner and not nail polish remover to revive them.

-For a better manicure, soak nails in a mixture of water and vinegar, or just wipe down your nails with a vinegar soaked cloth before painting your nails.

-After painting your nails, wait a few minutes, then dunk them into ice water to dry nails faster.

-To decrease chipping, apply another top coat every three days.

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