A Complete Strand of Pearls (The Final of A Four Part Series)

Well, we come to the end of this particular journey regarding the worth of woman. We began with the consideration of the timeless pearl and its uniqueness just like woman; there are no two alike. Then we explored the dangers of casting your pearls amongst swine, giving the best of you to those who are undeserving. We then journeyed down the consciousness of what role we all play in the development of our worth and the power we give to others to define our worth. We will now close with the joy of knowing and embracing how complete we are – lacking absolutely nothing. When we can accept the fact that we have everything we need within our grasp and our power to be all that we can be (not meaning the army), when we are willing to put all that we are to work by accomplishing the things we’ve been called to do, it is then that we can make the declaration that we are a complete strand of pearls, a complete component – lacking nothing and yet able to do all things through Christ who strengthens US. It is when we can stand up and acknowledge that we are chosen vessels destined to accomplish great things, that we stand unmovable and hidden in that secret place that only the Most High resides and abides (stay put) under the shadow of the Almighty; only then will we find the strength to accomplish things beyond our wildest imagination. It is when we realize no one can add to us or take anything away from us. No one can define you, label you, discard you, marginalize you, or up root you because you are your own person, designed to perfection. It is up to you to own that reality or cast it away and give the power to control you to someone else. We are all drawn from the same spirit but are a cast of many members- many individuals with many different skills and abilities. With that knowledge we are able to embrace the gifts and talents bestowed upon each of us with joy, purpose, and absolute assurance that what’s for each of us is for us.

Here’s the concept. Each part of your body plays a distinct role for good reason. Your feet allow you to stand, your hands give you the ability pick things up, your heart is the muscle that pumps blood throughout your body, your eyes allow you to see, and your nose gives you the ability to smell. Each bodily function stands on its own but together they create an unstoppable force that gives you the power to do all things. Imagine what it would be like if you had no feet? Imagine what it would be like if you had no mouth? Not all body parts can’t be a heart, neither can they all be a nose, but each component creates a whole being, a being equipped for every good work. So what am I trying to say is, there is no need for any of us to be unhappy or feel less  because someone else has something we wish we had. One may sing, another may write the songs, one may design, another may sew, one may write, another may have the ability to edit. One may be a mother, another maybe have a business mind. Neither is exceptional, just different. No one way is better than another; we simply function within the realm of our purpose, our gifts, and our talents. Now our effectiveness is directly linked to our ability to excel within our gifts and talents. In the article No One Is Better Than Me Doing Me, the challenge was placed to all, that in order to thrive we must incorporate some aptitudes, some dispositions, and grow in our character. Someone may appear to have more than you materially; the question remains, is that the litmus test to success and wholeness, stuff? I submit that “stuff” is not the litmus test. I believe happiness, contentment, fulfilling purpose, being connected to the Spirit of the living God, living a holy and righteous life, being a beacon, a light, the salt of the earth, an ambassador for Christ and a minister of reconciliation should be the stuff that gives us great joy in the end. If it’s really only stuff, what happens to the stuff when you die? I don’t know of anyone who died with a U-haul truck. It is only what you do for Christ that matters and we are told we are complete in Him.

So as we began a few weeks ago we will end, you are a timeless jewel, a unique jewel. There are no two like you, so why try to be someone other than yourself? People may enter your life who may enhance some qualities about you, but no one has the ability to recreate the perfect YOU that has already been created by the Creator. Like the pearl, no one can begin to try to recreate its exact replica and the same is true for you. Embrace YOU! Learn to love and respect YOU. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are a chosen vessel, a royal priesthood, a priceless possession, the apple of God’s eye. As an old saying goes, “You are all that and a bag of chips with some Louisiana hot sauce on it”. You are a complete strand of pearls!

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