8 Fashion Bloggers That You Should be Following

By Unique Ratcliff

Meet the connoisseurs of all things trendy 

We are still sporting our favorite trench coats in hopes of warmer days. Mother nature is having her way with the weather, but that should not stop you from looking your best this Spring. Keeping up with new style trends can be difficult especially with winter still nagging at our heels. Before you get discouraged about what looks we should be trying this spring take a look at these fabulous women below. Whether you are a minimalist or a contemporary lover; you will find your fashion utopia in all of these women.


This southern belle takes basic tees and jeans to a new level.



Kyrzayda is the master of mixing different prints and color schemes in ways unimaginable.



This color wiz will teach you a thing or two about color blocking.



Beverly Beal’s fashion recipe consists of a dash of luxury and a sprinkle of streetwear.



Jenee’s selection of bold colors will leave you dreaming of spring.



This Philadelphia native makes RTW look sexy.


This H-Town beaute is not afraid of mixing and matching and neither should you!


Alea brings comfortability back to high-end fashion.

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