6 Tips to Happiness

The first step to being happy is trying!  Read through these 6 Tips to Happiness to start your journey.


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  1. Rise and shine. It is so important to start your day off on a positive note; if not, you are setting yourself up for a bad day without it even starting. Showering or washing your face straight away will help you to refresh and wake up in the morning. We can’t forget about the most important meal of the day! Eat a healthy, well-­‐balanced meal in the morning to refuel your energy and help boost your mood.
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Photo: Every Stock

  1. Exercise. In the process of exercising, your body releases Dopamine into your brain.  This neurotransmitter helps to control the brain’s reward and pleasure centers, helping with one’s overall happiness and stamina. Exercise will also ease stress levels, boost your confidence and if done before bed, could even help you sleep!
  1. Become aware. One key to happiness that we never really hear is to do your research and read. Choose topics that you are curious or passionate about and read into them. If you are unsure of a topic, browse through different places such as TED talks and other news outlets. This will help to exercise your brain; not only that, but to build empathy or the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Once you’ve mastered this you can turn it into something real and actually help those that you empathize with, which will bring you an abundance of happiness.


  1. Think positively. The way you think is the biggest life changer of all; it can either help you get ahead or limit your capabilities. Henry Ford once said, “If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.” This seems like an easy concept, one that we are reminded of regularly. But do we actually implement it?  Make sure to replace your weak, pessimistic thoughts with positive ones!
  1. Acceptance or Change. This trick will make a world of a difference on your overall happiness. If there are numerous things bothering you in your life, write a list, go through their pros and cons and then evaluate what you can’t accept. Next, set goals on how you will change what you simply cannot accept in your life. As for the other things that you can accept or can’t change, focus on the pros! Be happy with where you are because in some way you got yourself there and this is much better than the alternative.
Photo: African American

Photo: African American

  1. Take a hike. Enjoy the great outdoors! So many of us are trapped inside, surrounded by computers, the TV, cellphones, and social media. These are easy ways to become caught up in comparing ourselves to others, which can become a vicious and tiring cycle.  Go outside, take a hike, read a book, explore and have fun!




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