51 Sustainable Ideas That Increase Your Business and Enhance Your Life

As we are ending another year, we are assessing and taking inventory to make our life better.  Our personal life and our business or work life is so critical in today’s time.  We are watching what we spend and making decisions for a healthier life while still trying to maintain some type of lifestyle.  We look for things, ways, strategies, and solutions that will help us reach our ultimate goal.  So, here we are kicking some thoughts around in our head to make the best decision we can to make 2012 better than what 2011 should have been.


I am going to share with you some sustainable ideas to help you with what you need and where you are planning to go in 2012.

  1. Add meditation to your daily routine
  2. Learn how to breathe deeply and slowly
  3. Restore and use healthy methods to calm you
  4. Be selective who is in your space
  5. Try something new to expand your reach or take you to the next level
  6. Commit to 5 hours of exercise per week
  7. Minimize or cut meat from your diet
  8. Learn or advance a skill you need
  9. Cut the crap and make a decision
  10. Listen to others and learn from their experience
  11. Carve out time to read daily
  12. Be accountable, responsible with no regrets
  13. Set aside 1 weekend or 2 days a month just for you
  14. Turn off the phone and computer at a certain time
  15. Create a schedule and keep to it
  16. Hug your family when you see them
  17. Pick 1 day per month to gather and laugh with your friends
  18. Keep your commitments
  19. Walk outside at least once per week in your neighborhood
  20. Breathe fresh air everyday, even if it is opening a window
  21. Stay abreast of the news that is of interest to you
  22. Sleep 8 hours on the sheets that make you feel special
  23. Grow eco-friendly plants in your house like a spider plant or peace lily
  24. Drink decaffeinated tea or coffee
  25. Stop smoking
  26. Sip wine throughout your meal with water
  27. Play your favorite music each week
  28. Take a class at least 3 times per year
  29. Use natural body, hair, and make-up products
  30. Leisurely read by sunlight
  31. Bathe or shower by soy based candlelight
  32. Plant flowers outside or on a windowsill
  33. Partner with people who you know, like, and trust
  34. Run a clean business or career
  35. Get a mentor or hire a coach/consultant
  36. Designate at least 1 hour quiet time in your house each day
  37. Live honestly with integrity
  38. Visit the spa or get a massage once per month (or more if you need it and can afford to do so)
  39. Find ways to decrease your expenses
  40. Communicate clearly
  41. Incorporate new strategies to maximize your performance
  42. Implement time-saving, proactive, assertive processes
  43. Meet with your team to plan the new year
  44. Send thank you cards to your clients and staff
  45. Ask your staff and clients what you can do better to serve them
  46. Try new colors in your wardrobe
  47. Continue pedicures even in the winter
  48. Rub Shea butter on your hands and rough spots throughout the colder months
  49. Give an unsuspecting client, colleague, or colleague a gift to say thank you
  50. Book a trip to someplace you have never visited before
  51. Write your bucket list!


All of these things are easy to do and for those that are not disciplined, get disciplined and begin to complete everything on this list before the end of the year.  I know you can do it!  You have everything it takes to live a sustainable life, have a sustainable career, and run a sustainable business.  Having the life you love is not hard to do.  There is hard work involved, but it is not hard to do.  The mere fact that it will be the way you want it is incentive and motivation enough to stay on track, keep your head in the game, and do what it takes to get what you want.  Work for what you deserve to have and you will surely enjoy it that much more.

To celebrate my birthday, I will be providing special mini-ideation strategy sessions during the month of November.  I can help you pick the one idea that will help you have a better 2012.  Contact my assistant Ruth at to schedule an accelerated session for $49 only available for the month of November.  Slots are moving fast so don’t wait!

L. Denise Jackson is the successful founder of three companies and helps businesses of all sizes monetize their ideas and use the best strategies to increase the profit of the business.  She also helps new entrepreneurs launch their business profitably with unique strategies that reveal hidden opportunities to enhance or expand their full business outlook.


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