5 Minute Face with Mally Beauty


We all have those blah, days when we don’t want to do anything but walk out the door; however, you might be going somewhere that may require you to look like you care about life. On these types of days I go for the bare minimum to give my face a wide awake feel with a little glow. To do so I turn to my Mally Beauty essentials.

The first thing I do after moisturizing is spritz my face with rose water (by the way, I’m so addicted to facial spritz!), then I apply MB’s Perfect Prep Poreless Primer in Glow. This is a makeup primer that can be used to seal in your moisturizer giving your face a smooth canvas with a subtle glow. No glitter no shimmer. Then I take MB’s Perfect Prep Under Eye Brightener and apply it under my eyes, above my brows, as wells as underneath to highlight the corners of my nose, my mouth, and a little underneath my chin. The under eye brightener is available in lighter or deeper with a yellow undertone that compliments all shades. I blend those out to perfection to give me that instant 8 hours of sleep look. Lastly, I set my entire face with her Poreless Face Defender, the no powder powder. This is a water clear formulas that mattifies and erases the look of pores. With just a tap of the sponge onto the product, dab it onto your face and it sets any makeup, or it can be used alone to reduce shine. To complete I apply a neutral pink gloss, clear mascara to the brows, and one coat of mascara to the lashes.

The one feature of Mally Beauty that I love is all her products are bullet proof. When you put them on they will stay until you decide to take it off. These essentials are great whether you’re wearing a full face or just running errands and want to look polished. Above all else they are made to compliment every skin tone.

by Rosalyn Robinson

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