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5 Eco Friendly Fabrics

In the joy of earth day here are 5 fabrics you can look out for that are eco friendly.

  1. Hemp - Hemp  has a multitude of uses. It has been used extensively throughout history, having been used to make clothing and bags. Some of the first paper in the world was made from hemp.
  2. Jute - Made from vegetable fiber and very similar to hemp, jute is seen as the second most useful vegetable fiber, after cotton. It is often used to make carpets, rugs, sacks and also as a backing material for linoleum.
  3. Calcio - Calico is unbleached cotton. The lack of processing into other cotton based materials is what makes it one of the environmentally friendly fabrics. It can be used to make bedding material, as well as durable bags and clothing.
  4. Recycled Polyester - Polyester is widely used in packaging, especially in the making of drinks bottles. Recycled polyester has a much-reduced impact on the environment but not enough companies are yet using this important material.
  5. Tencel - Also known as lyocell, tencel is made from wood pulp. Although it is more expensive than other environmentally friendly fabrics such as cotton, its fibers are often used to make denim clothing, conveyor belts, men’s shirts and also in medical practices.

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