5 Characteristics of a Stand Out Brand

The growing popularity of social media has made it more important than ever to be secure in presenting your own personal brand. Like a product brand, your personal brand tells people who you are and what value you share with the world. Your personal brand is basically your reputation, how you present yourself in a way that others perceive you in a certain light.  It’s now more important than ever to take control of it, whether you’re a growing business or as any other type of professional.

In this post, I will share 5 key characteristics of a stand out brand…

1. A Stand Out Brand Is Consistent

All of your actions should be consistent with your brand image. You’ll become known for something that you always do and you shouldn’t stray too far from it. When you’re consistent, it shows that you’re trustworthy and reliable, and this helps to establish your credibility. When you are inconsistent, this creates a disconnect and it is counteractive to branding. Keep in mind, when I share the idea that you should be consistent, remember your personal brand isn’t permanent. It should transform over time, and grow as you grow.

brand 5 Characteristics of a Stand Out Brand2. A Stand Out Brand Is Unique

Being unique is key because your brand should set you apart from others in your field. However, you don’t want to force the “unique” by trying to be something that you’re not. Instead, look for your natural qualities that are special and unique to you. Don’t create it; discover it. What is your passion? What are you especially good at? What makes you different? Look for the things others applaud about you.

3. A Stand Out Brand Is Personal

The personality of a business brand is more important to its fans than even its actual products or services. This is really no different for your personal brand. Show your personality as much as possible, especially when interacting with people online. Most people want to be seen as a friendly, generous, helpful expert. Spend your time connecting with others and learning from them.

4. A Stand Out Brand Is Memorable

Being memorable is perhaps the most important characteristic needed for personal branding. Even if you’re the world’s greatest blogger, if no one remembers your name 10 seconds later, your branding has flopped. Highlight a small number of attributes or skills and don’t try to be master at everything. These few things that you really excel at will become linked to you in the minds of others. Be brazenly different and go against the norm. It will make you be seen as a leader rather than a follower.

5. A Stand Out Brand Is Clear

Make sure that everything you produce shouts out loud what it is you do, what value you offer, and how you’re unique. Don’t make people think about it and don’t be shy about it. Tell the world what it needs to know about you in as few carefully-chosen words as possible.

Though more popular these days, personal branding is still a relatively new concept and there isn’t a textbook that tells you exactly how to do it. The best way to work on your brand is to watch and learn. Identify those who brand themselves well and follow them. Study what they do and learn to do it yourself. Pay super close attention to how their words and actions are consistent, clear, unique, personal and memorable.

About the Author: Tanya Smith is a creative business strategist and coach specializing in showing service based solo entrepreneurs how to simplify, save time & stand out with simple strategies that engage more quality leads and clients.  Her company Be Promotable provides fresh actionable strategies and virtual resources to promote business owners as power players in their market.  For instant access to your free 7 secrets to online time management report, visit us at:

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