4 Steps to Attracting a Good Man

What is a good man?

Where can I find this so called good man that everyone’s talking about?

These are the questions that I have been bombarded with this week. Well, ladies I have great news! There are good men all around you.


I know that you’re probably saying to yourself, “Erica, if there are good man all around me why am I still single? Why haven’t I found a good man yet?”

Well in order for you to attract a good man you must first believe deep down inside that there are good men in the world. I recently had a conversation with a beautiful woman and was discussing finding a good man. She was still so angry at her ex-husband and her previous boyfriend that she didn’t believe that there were any good men in the world. She believed that all men were liars and cheaters. I gently told her that the reason she wasn’t attracting any good men were because she had a deep rooted belief that all men were liars and cheaters.

The next step in attracting a good man is to get clear on what a good man is. Every woman has a different definition of a good man.  For example, one of my client’s definitions of a good man is a man who is financially independent, has a college degree, and will pay the mortgage. Your definition may be totally different. I personally believe that a good man should know how to fix cars. He should at least be able to change the oil.

The third step in attracting a good man is to be a good woman. Every good man needs a good woman. So now that you have gotten clear on what a good man is, is there anything that you need to work on as a woman? Maybe you need to learn how to cook because you believe that a good man deserves a home cooked meal every day after work. Maybe you need to work on being able to communicate your opinion without nagging.

The fourth step in attracting a good man is to make yourself available to him. For some strange reason the women I work with feel as if they can sit at home or go to the same places and find someone. This is not always true. Sometimes you have to change your routine and go where your good man would hang out.

Mr. Right Attraction Assignment

  1. Believe that there are good men in the world.
  2. Get clear on your definition of a good man.
  3. Become a good woman so that you can attract that good man into your life.
  4. Make yourself available to him.


Erica Johnson, the Mr. Right Attraction Mentor, helps single women who struggle with dating, confidence, and attracting that special someone who  ready to be in a fulfilling relationship with their ideal mate.  To download Erica’s free guide “23 Tips to Attracting Mr. Right” and receive weekly Mr. Right Attraction tips and tools visit

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