3 Benefits of Using Press Releases To Create Visibility to Your Niche Market

Many women in business have attempted to write Press Releases, only to abandon the idea.  They either think it will be too expensive to distribute or not sure how to reach their intended audience.  A well balanced marketing plan includes a myriad of strategies and online tools… and utilizing Press Releases should be a part of that strategy.

So, if you want to reach a targeted audience, here are 3 BENEFITS of using Press Releases and a few quick tips to get started.

Benefit 1: Targets Potential Customers

Press Releases are great for communicating news to your intended target audience.  Just think of the impact when your newsworthy announcement is being read by hundreds of potential customers. Can you see the magnitude of exposure it can bring to your brand?

Benefit 2: Builds SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Most Press Release Distribution services submit to multiple news and niche websites. This EXCITES Google!  Why? Well, Google, Bing, Yahoo and others track all the traffic from these sites back to your link. This can rank your site higher in search engine results.

Benefit 3: Gains Credibility

Building trust and credibility is paramount in business!   As you become an expert in your industry, it is important to continually write and submit relevant and timely press releases.  This increases your exposure and brand name recognition among your target audience.

4 FREE Press Release Distribution Services

There are many web-based press release distribution services. Most provide helpful tips on writing effective press releases, sample templates and categories for placement.  Upon submitting your press release to a reputable distribution service, it is then made available to a wide network of readers; placed in appropriate categories and delivered to subscribers who have pre-selected those categories.  Your Press Release has the potential of going viral!   Here are 4 Distribution Services that I am familiar with:

  • PR Log is an online press release distribution and press release submission service.
  • PR Web is the leader in online news distribution and online publicity; an inexpensive yet highly effective way for organizations of all sizes to distribute their news on the Internet, increase their visibility online and attract customers.
  • FREE Press Release distribution service helps small, medium or large sized enterprises to optimize their online marketing strategies.
  • Press Exposure provides companies, organizations and individuals with FREE submission.

When to Write a Press Release?

Sharing newsworthy information such as a new product or service launch, an award or a partnership could have a positive impact if written and distributed properly. When should you write a Press Release? Here are 4 examples:

  • Launch or changes to products or services
  • Business expansion
  • Public speaking events
  • Community involvement and charity

Tips to Get Your Press Release Noticed:  

  • Write effective and optimized headlines
  • Include 1-2 Full URL Links
  • Include a call to action
  • Use plain and simple language
  • Focus on facts
  • Submit only newsworthy information

Still not convinced? 

In a recent study, I asked 10 women entrepreneurs to share their experience using press releases:

Of the 10 Women Interviewed:    

  • Two landed major contracts.
  • Four gained 2-3 new clients in a six month timeframe
  • Eight saw a significant increase in subscribers, i.e., twitter followers and Facebook Fan page Likes.
  • One started an additional business as a result of clients requesting add on services. This growth was due to a press release campaign over a six month period.

As you can see, there are significant benefits in incorporating Press Releases into your marketing strategy.  Using press releases to get the word out is smart business!

WANT TO USE THIS ARTICLE IN YOUR E-ZINE OR WEB SITE? You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it:  Sylvia Browder is founder of National Association Women on the Rise, a virtual community for aspiring and established women entrepreneurs. The association’s mission is to provide professional and personal resources while uplifting and empowering women entrepreneurs through collaboration, education, mentoring, spiritual and peer support, leadership and networking. She has served as an online volunteer SCORE counselor since 2004.  For FREE weekly articles go to Sylvia Browder’s Blog for Women Entrepreneurs,  She can be contacted at

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