Remember last week’s article titled Taking on the New Year with a Positive Plan of Action? Great! Just the fact that you remember means that you must be on the right track towards achieving your plans and goals for this year.  This new extension of the first article will give you an opportunity to really set forth positive action in motion.

What is this new extension you might ask? It’s called the Small Steps to Health and Wealth Challenge (SSHW) and it’s part of the Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station (NJAES).  The purpose of the challenge is to motivate and inspire Americans to eat healthier and become more financially responsible.  Just like the previous week’s article outlined, taking smaller steps towards your goals makes them more attainable and achievable.

The challenge is a free six-week program that provides you with specific steps to take daily for health and nutritional practices along with financial managment, while allowing you room to add a portion of your own unique self-challenge to the mix.  Downloadable documents are available so that you can track your progress, and when you enter your personal data onto the website, you will be able to compare yourself against the average scores of others who are participating in the challenge.  All the while you will receive daily affirmations that will help keep you motivated, focused, and on track.  And one of the best parts- prizes will be awarded to the participants who report the highest point totals.  What a great way to start out the New Year.   For further detailed information regarding the challenge also visit

       Good luck on a great new start!!!!

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