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14-year old Pop Star Sensation Artist Hitha Reaches the Top 100 Chart for single “Independent”

By Patrice Rivers

Hitha is dubbed one of the female artists globally changing the music scene in 2019. If she’s not practicing her numerous instruments, she’s shattering stereotypes about young women. “The youth are the future,” says Hitha, “and the world would do well to listen to the opinions of the younger generations.” This fierce independence materializes through her many academic accomplishments where her artistry runs tandem with her love for math and science. What does this artist hope you take away from her music? This 14-year-old artist strives “to give young teens a voice” through her inspirational music and the courage to tackle any difficulty that may present itself. Hitha is a name that will be known to the masses in only a matter of time.

Patrice Rivers: What made you want to start a singing career?

Hitha: I have always had a deep love for music and a passion for creating. I began taking Classical Indian vocal lessons from my grandmother during the days we would spend together while I was a child. My grandmother has been an incredible inspiration for me in so many facets of life, but particularly in building a foundation for my future music career. We share a deep love that inspires me to do the very best for both myself and in representation of my family.

Patrice: Is there any motivation or inspiration behind your music or the reason why you started singing in the first place?

Hitha: As a teenager growing up during one of the fastest paced eras of communication and industry that the world has ever seen, it is important for me to spread messages that I feel will empower and inspire my peers. Where there is sometimes a great disconnect between the fact, we can communicate instantly but rather anonymously through social media and the internet, my goal is to bring the focus back to direct personal relationships that feed every individual’s need for comfort and true connection. I feel that music is the best platform to reach my peers directly and explain intricate feelings and emotions that otherwise may be looked over.

Patrice: When was your debut single “Standing up with Pride” released? What sparked your creativity for this song?

Hitha: My debut single “Standing Up with Pride” was released in May 2018.  The lyrics of “Standing Up with Pride” represent my own experience.  I was overwhelmed with too many chores, activities, and external pressures, which was causing me to self-doubt my capabilities and strength as an individual. In one sweeping moment I realized that I just needed to release the imaginary bonds that were mentally holding me back, and be positive. I began living each moment fearlessly while pursuing my true passion of music. It is my hope that this song creates positive vibes for all listeners and I want to tell anyone who listens to this song that they can always count on their passion.

Patrice: I like the concept for your single “Special.” Was this song inspired by a special someone?

Hitha: A lot of times, pop songs are focused on romantic relationships and overlook all the other possible relationships. However, my song SPECIAL is about any person that you care about from friends to relatives, to those who sometimes don’t get the recognition they deserve. I sang this song for my grandmother. She was very important to me.

Patrice: Congratulations on hitting the Top 100 chart for your latest single “Independent.” It seems to be well received by your fans. Can you tell us what this song is about?

Hitha: Independent was written in a moment of duress when I had an unpleasant interaction with some friends who are otherwise very important to me. The song is a celebration of the fact that when you are going through rough times or having negative thoughts, the best person to help you is yourself. You are in control of your thoughts, reactions and even the outcome of situations by believing and working towards that goal. We all have positive energy internally that we always can depend on. It is my intention to convey the importance of being strong, positive and independent in life when going through difficult times.

Patrice: How many new songs are you planning on releasing this year?

Hitha: I have four more songs ready to be released this year which are in the process of preparation for distribution and release to my fans. I’m super excited about the content. I’m also trying to experiment and fuse world music into POP.

Patrice: How do you balance your time between school and your music?

Hitha: Time management is very important. Managing to balance school life, and all other chores, activities, and external pressures are overwhelming. The key is to enjoy the process and be passionate. This is exactly what I’ve experienced and wrote within my debut song “Standing Up with Pride.”

Patrice: Have you faced any challenges so far in your music career? If so, what are some?

Hitha: I mainly focus on positive things so that I can enjoy life and spread positivity.  My Dad is a wonderful business manager and helps me by focusing on that side of my music career while I focus on the creative and artistic aspects. One of the challenges as an independent artist is of course breaking into the mainstream commercial radio which is vastly dominated by the marquee names who are represented by major labels, but my dad’s unrelenting passion has found that that challenge, too, will be overcome.

Patrice: Who are your favorite singers? What makes them your favorite?

Hitha: I’m inspired and influenced by many other artists including M.S. Subbalakshmi and Taylor Swift. I really like when people convert their hardships and negative experiences in life into positivity.  Taylor Swift started very early and still knows her game and that is a path which I feel strongly about emulating.

Patrice: Reading your bio, I saw that you want to shatter stereotypes of young women.  How do you plan to do that with your music? Do you plan to bring awareness to it in your community?

Hitha: I can explain my emotions better through music. Everyone can relate to it no matter where or who they are. Teenage years can be overwhelming and stressful. I try to inspire my peers with my music and want to let them know that focusing on what they want to achieve in life and with a positive mentality can overcome any hurdle. I would like to be seen as a Teen artist who is out there “to give teens a voice.”

Patrice: Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Hitha: I have big dreams and many of them, but in terms of where I see myself in five years, there is no way to know. For now, I’m just following my passion and enjoying my music.  I love performing in front of my fans and thus look forward to doing many performances.

Patrice: Do you have any interests/hobbies outside of your career?

Hitha: Education and singing are my priority. I love converting my emotions into songwriting. I also really enjoy dancing and volleyball.

Patrice: How can readers connect with you? Social Media Links? Website?

Hitha: My fans can connect with me via my website at, and on all my social media outlets:

Facebook: hitha2018

Instagram: @officialhitha

Twitter: @ByHitha

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