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New Music Tuesday Returns


By Amelia Ameliaismore Moore Hello Bronze Beauties… I trust you have been groovin since my last music review. Thank you to those that hit me up in my social media @ameliaismore and told me that they liked my choices and asking for more. Well ask an you shall receive. Here are some new artists and tunes ...

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Jessamyn Stanley: The Girl Who Dares To Defy


By Tiffany Chisholm | Overcoming Body Stereotypes and Defying Athletic Expectations Jessamyn Stanley is an author and yoga teacher who captured the hearts of many via her Instagram account, where can be seen sharing many extreme, flexible yoga poses with her 328k+ followers. She has been featured in multiple news publications for her work as she continues to …

Skin Bleaching: How It Affects The Image of Beauty And Black Culture


By Tiffany Chisholm | This article serves as a personal exploration of the skin bleaching phenomenon among people in predominantly black cultures with regards to sexual attraction, beauty standards, health risks and its effect on black culture. Photo by Marlon James via For some black individuals, the desire to be fair-skinned has existed for a very long …

Summer Nail Designs


By: Kadisha Kentish | When the weather is warm, of course we want both our hands and feet to look great. And sometimes we don’t want to travel to the nail salon to achieve these great looks. Even if you’re not a professional nail artist, you can achieve great looks doing your nails yourself. For those who like …

Beauty Product Review: KAIKE


By: Trish Sanyal @tsanyal I was super grateful to have the opportunity to sample a delightful (and delicious! 😊) new product line called KAIKE! Kaike (pronounced cake) is an all-natural + vegan beauty brand with a focus on  Their mission: making products that are GOOD for your body and the environment, in using only CLEAN all-natural + vegan ingredients, and in ...