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Celebrity Moms and Their Kids


We Love seeing celebrities and thier children. Women like Alicia Keys, Halle Berry, and Beyonce remind us how beautiful motherhood is. In honor of Mother's Day on sunday, below are a couple of photos of celebrities and the reasons behind their smiles, their kids. For hot topics visit us at

You Are Beautiful


Like many little girls her age, my four year old is completely enthralled by the Disney princesses. Her current favorite is Rapunzel. After watching the movie, she came to me and asked “why don’t I have hair like Rapunzel? I want hair like hers.” I took this as an opportunity to remind her that she ...



By contributing writer Danee Riggs The day my daughter called me a “good mom” and her ‘HERO’, I hadn’t done anything that spectacular. No leaping buildings in a single bound or any other such feats. There was a beetle in our house and it was crawling on the floor between us. Now, anyone that knows ...



By Education Contributor Dr. Tekemia DorseyTo start a business, one must register with the Department of Assessment and Taxation, apply for an EIN, visit the Clerk of the District Court to obtain licensure for sales (where applicable), visit the SBA website, to then be re-routed first to obtain a DUNS number, and then register for ...