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Shopping Smart


Everyone loves getting new things. But like everything else in life, we need to shop in moderation. It is easy to get stuck in a store and spend more than you intended to or more than you should. Don’t write off stores yet, because there are ways for you to shop smart. If …

14 Life Hacks Every Bronze Girl Should Know


Who doesn’t love life hacks? There are some great strategies/techniques that can help us make perform daily activities more efficiently. Here are some life hacks that I think every Bronze girl should know. -For those pairs of shoes that can’t stand up to the rain, use beeswax to waterproof them. -Get rid of armpit stains with a …

Travel: Happiness You Can Buy


It turns out you can buy happiness, as long as you know how to spend your money. Research indicates that those who spend their money on experiences rather than objects are in fact much happier. Travel is an experience that finds its way onto many goal lists. Perhaps it’s time to brush off those lists …

Birth Control, Finding the Method that best suits you


Throughout history, a woman’s right to her autonomy and bodily integrity have often been neglected and ignored. It was not until the women’s movement in the 1960’s that females recognized the value of taking control of their bodies, and in doing so had taken advantage of one main birth control precaution that was available during …