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Protective Hairstyles to Try This Winter


By Taylor Johnson | As winter and colder weather approaches, now is the time to protect your natural hair. Cold temperatures can damage and have negative affects on your hair. It is more likely for your hair to dry up and shrink from the lack of moisture in the air. Protective styles are stylish, fun, and require little …

How I Cured My Itchy Scalp


By Cenithia Bilal | Here’s the truth: I have an extremely itchy scalp. It’s the kind of itch that makes you want to tear your hair out or scratch your scalp until it bleeds. It’s the kind of itch that never goes away. I’ve tried it all: Selsun Blue, African black soap, ACV rinses, tea tree oil, …

Crown Theory: Headwrap Styles & Tips


Hello Bronze Beauties! Today at Bronze Magazine we are going to cover a topic that’s a naturalista’s favorite go-to hair style: headwraps. Whether it’s to cover up your hair before wash day, letting a bantu air dry, or just wanting to rock your favorite scarf, headwraps are abundant in the natural hair (featured photo: Nadira037) …