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Woman of DESTINY Woman of GRACE WOMAN OF GOD KNOW YOUR PLACE! Woman of VALUE Woman of WORTH Woman of VIRTUE chosen from BIRTH Woman of WISDOM Woman of PURPOSE the MASTER’S MASTERPIECE far from worthless Woman of HONOR Woman of RESPECT Woman of HUMILITY keep that in check Woman of SUBMISSION Woman of POWER Woman of GREAT KNOWLEDGE elected for this HOUR Woman of FAVOR Woman of FAITH WOMAN OF ...



When I think about the things I have been delivered from: My childish appetites, my neediness, My cry baby emotions, stuck in despairing feelings and selfishness, Negative attachments resulting in hardships and heartaches, Releasing feelings of inferiority and shyness, self- indulgence. No longer turning my back on wisdom and self-knowledge, No longer entertaining and celebrating the unclean things, Now discerning the truth ...