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Ethnic Foods Made Healthier: 5 Easy Healthy Dishes from Across the Globe


By Aisha Powell | One of the better parts about coming from descendants of different cultures is the amazing foods! Whether your family is from Ghana, Asia, Italy or Venezuela, the traditional foods that brew in countries all around the world are a delicious reminder of where you came from. The problem with ethnic foods, especially ones …

Eat Better, Pay Less: The food guide to eating healthy 5 times a day with $20


By Aisha Powell | After the worldwide phenomenon of “What the Health,” and other health-related documentaries that focus on food, eating healthier is back on the radar. For many, this type of programming sparks an active interest in eating healthier – you watch a show and soon after you swear off baked goods and fried foods from …

Bake It Up With Cake Mix


Everyone loves a homemade treat. But personally, I am not a huge fan of cake, even though there always seems to be a box of cake mix in the kitchen. So that got me thinking, that I could use the box of cake mix to make something other than cake. A box of cake mix …

3 Easy Vegan Recipes


You don’t have to be vegan to eat vegan! Eating a couple of plant based meals a week will leave you feeling refreshed and energized. Check out these three effortless vegan recipes for some inspiration. The first recipe is roasted cauliflower. We see cauliflower a lot on veggie trays but in my opinion, the best way …