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You Better Slay!: A Retrospection of the Stunning, Coordinating Wardrobes of Destiny’s Child


By Whitney Sylvain | Destiny’s Child is without a doubt one of the best girl groups ever (and this isn’t up for debate). They were trailblazers in bringing us classic hits and anthems that 16 years later we still sing to the top of our lungs. They symbolized independence, perseverance, self-confidence, and a severe no nonsense policy. …

LIM College’s 7th Annual Fashion: Then and Now Conference


By Shadea L. Blyther | LIM College presented their 7th Annual Fashion Now and Then Conference this past weekend to explore this year’s theme: Fashion and Sustainability. LIM College focuses on the study of business and fashion that educates their students for success in various fashion industries around the world. Listening to the speaker’s presentations gave a …

8 Fall/Winter Outerwear Pieces that are Super Cozy and Fashionable!


By Whitney Sylvain | As we near those winter months, we approach an opportunity to expand our wardrobe with the perfect outerwear additions. From fur coats to bomber jackets to trench coats, I’ve got you covered on where to buy fall and winter’s most flattering and trendy outerwear items below. First up, the checked print blazer. This trend …

Young Fashion Creative Taking the Industry by Storm


Interview by Aaliyah Ransome | “People are always watching. Don’t give up, especially when you feel like no one is paying attention” – Justin Etienne From being featured in Vogue, WWD, and Elle Magazines and being invited to NYFW and the BET Hip Hop Honors Awards, 21 y/o Production Management major at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Justin Etienne …

Seven Reasons Why Tracee Ellis Ross’ Instagram Should be at the Top of Your List for Outfit Inspiration


By Whitney Sylvain | One look at Tracy Ellis Ross’s Instagram page and you quickly learn three things about this flawless being. She’s comical, she’s woke, and contrary to her own belief, the woman is a style icon. After spending a few hours insta-stalking Tracee, I realized I had over 30 screenshots of her posts in my …

Thighs The Limit


Article & photos by Aaliyah Ransome | Showing a little leg is always a good idea! Especially with these fastener pants, that allow you to show as little or as much leg as you please, which is completely necessary with this unstable weather we’re having in NYC. These fastener pants can take your slay from day-to-night. Although I dressed these …