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10 Black Podcasts to Vibe During Your Day-to-Day


By Unique Ratcliff | The struggle of finding a good podcast in 2018 is equivalent to finding something good on Netflix. There are thousands of options, ranging by topics and hosts, but like any good film, it’s the story-line that pulls you in. Outside from podcasts being undoubtedly entertaining, they are a perfect source to gaining new …

Best Celeb Outfits from Coachella 2018


By Taylor Johnson | Coachella 2018 weekend was full of unique and fun looking outfits this year. Celebrities took to social media to post their Coachella looks! From the fashion to the amazing performances there was definitely plenty of #Blackgirlmagic going on. Here are some of the best outfit looks from bothCcoachella weekends. Rihanna Cardi B. Beyonce Teyana …

Black Panther Movie Review


By Aisha Powell | The cast of Black Panther defied all odds while protecting the sovereign nation of Wakanda, creating one of the blackest movies of the century. Black Panther hit every note a Marvel movie fanatic would want: super heroes, intriguing plots, shocking revelations, seamless graphics and action on action. For the black community, this movie …

Must Watch Netflix Shows and Movies that Star Black Leads


By Taylor Johnson There is nothing better than spending a winter day inside with some hot cocoa, a warm blanket, and Netflix. It might seem as if there are hardly any shows and movies on Netflix that feature black people as main characters, however, there are actually a variety of dramas, comedies, and documentaries that have …