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Best in Beauty: Halloween Makeup Tutorials


By Cenithia Bilal | Hey Bronze Beauties! If you’re tired of playing it safe in a pair of cat ears every Halloween or throwing together a costume last minute, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve rounded up six of the coolest makeup tutorials to inspire you to be as extra as possible this Halloween weekend. Wonder Woman credit: …


DIY Hair Treatments


Simply washing your hair every week or every two weeks isn’t enough to maintain healthy hair. Hair treatments push the health of your hair one step further. With so many hair treatments out there, it gets harder to know which one to choose. But sometimes, the best treatments are already in your kitchen. You can …

DIY Facial Scrubs and Masks


When we’re younger we think growing up will lead to clear skin and that we’ll never have to worry about acne again because puberty will be over. Then we grow up and learn that’s not the case; acne can show up at anytime. There are many factors that can affect breakouts, and sometimes your regular …