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Skin Bleaching: How It Affects The Image of Beauty And Black Culture


By Tiffany Chisholm | This article serves as a personal exploration of the skin bleaching phenomenon among people in predominantly black cultures with regards to sexual attraction, beauty standards, health risks and its effect on black culture. Photo by Marlon James via For some black individuals, the desire to be fair-skinned has existed for a very long …

The More Melanin, the Less Beauty? Dark Skins Are Attractive Too —Interview With Kiana Davis


Colorism has been a huge issue in the black community for quite some time now. This refers to black people further separating themselves into a category of being either “light skinned” or “dark skinned.” Microagressions (closely linked to the whole phenomenon on why lighter skin is more appealing) are an example of how people of …

SKINSPIRATION- 50 Shades of Bronze


A few days ago, I watched a documentary on Netflix entitled Dark Girls, which observed the colorism (discrimination based on skin color) that exists within the African American race, and also the prejudices that dark-skinned women face in different countries. Throughout the documentary, different women were allowed to share their personal stories, uproot insecurities and ...