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Conquer Your PWI; Being Black in College


Going to college means you are taking the next step in your educational journey. For most, it is a chance to find themselves, learn more and make new friends. For minorities, this also means they are about to beat stereotypes to obtain a higher education and probably be attending a predominantly white institution (PWI). Not …

Life Post-College Graduation


So you have finally reached yet another milestone in your life and you are now a college graduate. Before you do anything, congratulate yourself! You surpassed the stresses of meeting major deadlines, sleepless nights, early mornings, lengthy research papers, and dealing with some miserable professors. The question is, now what? You’re now being faced with …

Malia Obama is all Grown up and College Bound


Malia Obama, only 10 years old when President Obama took office, graduated high school on Friday, June 10th. Malia graduated from Sidwell Friends School, in Washington D.C. President Obama was invited to speak at the graduation, but denied, claiming he would be too emotional to get through a speech. Malia was accepted into Harvard University, and will …