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Do Brand Extensions Perpetuate the “Othering” of Women of Color?


By Shatay Speights In a recent article on the Canadian online platform called Flare, there was a discussion about the necessity behind creating forums for women of color- a dedicated place for black and brown women to freely express ideas and truly feel a part of something. The article mentioned two platforms/forums that were created with women ...

Press Play: 5 Beauty Gurus Who Should Be On Your Watch List


By Jennifer Akotoh _| These Bronze Babes are killing the game with their gorgeous makeup looks. Whether you’re new to the whole makeup thing, or a proud product junkie, these beautynistas will guide you in the right direction towards creating looks that slay and flatter your skin in all ways. Gigi Beauty always comes through with looks that …

Black Aesthetics are “Ghetto Until Proven Fashionable”


BY SHATAY SPEIGHTS | When highlighting new trends in fashion, especially those that are “inspired” by the style and aesthetics from black and brown communities, credit is rarely given to those within the communities that bring these trends to the forefront. Trends that are established by black and brown persons are often seen as lowbrow or ghetto, …

Our Blackness Is Not a Trend!


By Shatay Speights | More than anything, we want to be able to see ourselves reflected in all facets of media and the things that we consume daily. Women of color are at the top of that list, especially when talking about representation in the fashion industry. More often than not, runways, catwalks, campaigns and more are …

School Girls; Or, The African Mean Girls Play: A Review


By Cathy Baydianz | Don’t go into this newest off-Broadway gem by Ghanian-American screenwriter Jocelyn Bioh expecting a rehash of Lindsay Lohan’s Mean Girls. On the surface, it may seem like another teen drama about high school girls battling for the title of queen bee, but in actuality it’s a probe into the ideologies of Western standards …