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Crown Theory: Headwrap Styles & Tips


Hello Bronze Beauties! Today at Bronze Magazine we are going to cover a topic that’s a naturalista’s favorite go-to hair style: headwraps. Whether it’s to cover up your hair before wash day, letting a bantu air dry, or just wanting to rock your favorite scarf, headwraps are abundant in the natural hair (featured photo: Nadira037) …

The More Melanin, the Less Beauty? Dark Skins Are Attractive Too —Interview With Kiana Davis


Colorism has been a huge issue in the black community for quite some time now. This refers to black people further separating themselves into a category of being either “light skinned” or “dark skinned.” Microagressions (closely linked to the whole phenomenon on why lighter skin is more appealing) are an example of how people of …

A Guide to Nail Care


Just like with skin and hair, the health of your nails depends on the way you treat them. We don’t often pay close attention to our nails, but it is important that we do. Here are some areas of nail care that you should be aware of. Maintenance Keeping your hands clean is one step that …

DIY Hair Treatments


Simply washing your hair every week or every two weeks isn’t enough to maintain healthy hair. Hair treatments push the health of your hair one step further. With so many hair treatments out there, it gets harder to know which one to choose. But sometimes, the best treatments are already in your kitchen. You can …