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Her Secret Vault’s “Dubai DoBuy” with Corey Woods


By Amelia “Ameliaismore” Moore What happens when an enterprising woman whose primary business is Building Management finds it hard to find clothes that represents her as an enterprising, sophisticated, classy, fashionista?  What does she do when she loves to shop but her business acumen prohibits her from just spending money making others rich instead of ...

OWN’s Season 4 of The Haves and the Have Nots: Peter Parros Interview (Part1)


In the world of fast food, 10 second videos, and 140 character conversations, it’s a challenge to keep the average consumer’s attention. Yet four seasons later, The Haves and the Have Nots, created by Tyler Perry is still going strong. Bronze Magazine had an opportunity to interview yet another interesting character and acting talent, Mr. …

Diversity Recruiter Philip Anthony Gornail: The ‘Champion for Optimism’


By: @Ameliaismore Far too many times we hear the saying, "Life is a Choice," but what does that mean as it relates to your future, your endeavors, your aspirations and your job selection when seeking a new position within the workforce? Bronze Magazine had an opportunity to speak with Mr. Phillip Anthony Gornail, the Senior Diversity Hiring ...

Sugar Daddy University Teaches Part 3: Life After Class


By Ameliaismore After class the students were invited to a meet and greet event where they could implement their lessons into action. The atmosphere was a party environment of which the drinks were pouring, the music was booming and the conversation flowing. I was on a mission to see what if anything the students learned and how ...

Sugar Daddy University Teaches Young & Old – Part 2: The Life Class


By Ameliaismore Sugar Daddy/Momma University was held at the prestigious 230 Fifth in Manhattan, NY. The class itself was a panel with Alan as the moderator and main speaker. The lifestyle experts included Suzanne Flannigan, Esq (lawyer), Stephanie Oradia, Esq (Lawyer)., Sergio Serrato, (Financial Planner) Viv RIco, (Matchmaker & Party Concierge),Carla Abonia (Sugar Baby), and Beth ...