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The Importance of Black Media and Journalism


Oftentimes the media is greatly whitewashed, only covering and talking about social issues that are not satisfying to people of color. Suffice it to say, black journalism deserves some recognition too! Mainstream media coverage seems to be biased and tends to make an impression on society that there is only one kind of voice in …


Locks Don’t Work


In a U.S. federal appeals court, judges ruled that it is not discriminatory for a job to deny employment because of dreadlocks. The case was dismissed with a 3-0 ruling on Sept 15 by the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. The case was brought to appeals court by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, EEOC, on behalf …

The Grand Opening of the National Museum of African American History and Culture


The National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) opened on September 24, 2016 in Washington D.C. The NMAAHC was established by Congress in 2003 and is the only museum exclusively devoted to the life, history and culture of African Americans. This museum has collected more than 36,000 artifacts and is the 19th museum …



By Editor-in-Chief Shawn ChavisIf the recent Essence Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon is any indication, there is nothing like having the support of your fellow sisters.  As African American women, there are many challenges we face regardless of the professional industry we are in; these challenges may at times deter or discourage us, or even cause us to take ...



When God made women He broke the mold.  Each one of us is beautiful and unique in our own way.  We need to celebrate ourselves more by letting our inner beauty reflect on the outside.  Past hurts and disappointments tend to inflict internal wounds, causing us to become more guarded.  Who can blame us? But in order to truly overcome such emotional obstacles, learn to let your ...