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Stars Speaks on Lack of Diversity at the Emmy’s 65th Annual Prime time Emmy Awards aired last Sunday and along with celebrations, red carpet gowns, and musical numbers came controversy and debate on how progressive the award show actually is after 65 years. Stars took to social media to speak out against the lack of cultural and gender diversity at the Emmys feeling that the show boasted variety yet hardly recognized or awarded talent of the minority hence continuing with the regularity of the award show’s past. Among the celebs that took to twitter to voice their concerns on the stagnant state of the Emmy’s were actor David Allen Grier, actor Brian Durkin, and actress Nancy Lee Grahn who spoke on the lack of women on staff on some popular show’s writing teams.  Actor and comedian Damon Wayans was very vocal about his disdain of the award show’s old-fashioned and mundane style while live tweeting the event to his followers on the social network Twitter. Wayans’ Twitter feed was quoted to say that the Emmy’s did not represent the contributions of all the varied members of America. Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo spoke out a day after the Emmys to speak on her disappointment of the continuous lack of minority inclusion. She was quoted as saying: “I didn’t see any diversity in the Emmys at all. The Emmys felt so dated to me. That dance number was embarrassing. Did you see one person of color in that dance number?” she continued by stating that her show’s cast has a wide variety of diverse backgrounds. It is definitely food for thought to understand that there is still hardly enough gender and ethnic representation in the mainstream media and people are taking notice. A compelling article was written based off interviews directly covering this very issue. Read the eye opener at and see the tweets from some of this year’s Emmy viewers at
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