New Beginnings with Dhylles

We as women are always comparing ourselves to other women. Why do we do this? Why are we not satisfied with our curves and how God created us to be?

I love every inch of me but I am only human and not perfect and know that I need to work out in order to keep healthy and fit. I do love my curves and like every other woman out there, I am not a fan of my rolls. I have been up and down with my weight since I was a teen but I have learned along the years that I cannot compare myself to anyone else and I just have to love my body for what it is.

I truly wish the same for all women in the world. Women need to stop comparing and be able to accept their bodies just the way it is and if there is a need for change, it should be done the right way. Be good to yourself and your body. Eat in moderation and work out in a form of exercise that you absolutely love. Take a salsa or zumba class that is energetic where you are not bored.

Appreciate your curves, your hair, the shape of your face. Appreciate your scars and your stretch marks. Appreciate the fact that you are alive and you are able to wake up every morning. Find something positive you love about yourself everyday.

Question: What can you do as a woman to help improve how you feel about your appearance that will help you to have peace and happiness within? Not sure? Ask me how!!

It’s Never Too Late for New Beginnings!

Dhylles Davis

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