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New Music Tuesday – Grown & Sexy


@ameliaismore | This week, I decided to review music that caters to the grown and sexy sounds that has made music from the 70’s and 80’s popular again. They say you are only as good as who knows you. However, in this week’s review these artists may not be known in mainstream, yet music lovers around the …


New Music Tuesday Returns


By Amelia Ameliaismore Moore Hello Bronze Beauties… I trust you have been groovin since my last music review. Thank you to those that hit me up in my social media @ameliaismore and told me that they liked my choices and asking for more. Well ask an you shall receive. Here are some new artists and tunes ...

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Her Secret Vault’s “Dubai DoBuy” with Corey Woods


By Amelia “Ameliaismore” Moore What happens when an enterprising woman whose primary business is Building Management finds it hard to find clothes that represents her as an enterprising, sophisticated, classy, fashionista?  What does she do when she loves to shop but her business acumen prohibits her from just spending money making others rich instead of ...