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Spring Trends 2017


The weather is finally warm, well it’s actually really hot. But it is now time to dress like it is Spring/Summer. Trends are always changing, yet the spring trends of 2017 have brought some things back. Here are some trends that stand out so far this season. Dress in Flowers this Spring: Floral print is …



Hey, Bronze Beauties! Women, especially celebrities, are known to have fashionable pregnancies. Because celebrities are in the spotlight daily, the public is more inclined to see them flaunt their different looks and styles that inspire other pregnant women and grab the media’s attention. One such lady is none other than Beyoncé. Beyoncé announced that …

Conquer Your PWI; Being Black in College


Going to college means you are taking the next step in your educational journey. For most, it is a chance to find themselves, learn more and make new friends. For minorities, this also means they are about to beat stereotypes to obtain a higher education and probably be attending a predominantly white institution (PWI). Not …