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Women of Color and the Wealth of Wisdom


By Kamaria Mason | Illustration by NIcholle Kobi There seems to be a cycle in our society where each generation struggles then eventually finds their way. The process of developing into a self-sufficient person requires us to go through certain growing pains. However, a very blatant disconnect is evident between the generations who have “made it” and …

Dove’s “Underarm U”!


By Serghie Faustin | Dove hosted an in-class session called “Underarm U.” As the title implies, the attendees of this session were educated about Dove’s deodorant products and the science behind why they work so well. With seats filled and desks organized traditional classroom style, multiple speakers took turns …

Now Is Not Always


By Joye D. Epps | The other night, I found myself hysterically crying and unable to sleep because I kept replaying every single detail of my mother’s last few months here on earth. I tried doing breathing exercises and praying in an attempt to blot out those painfully intrusive thoughts of the months that led up to …